Vladimir Putin celebrates 65 years

MOSCOW, October 7. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday marks the birthday – he reaches the age of 65 years. The Russian leader will traditionally spend the holiday in a narrow circle.

Schedule and holiday

According to the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, the head of state often celebrates birthday with family and friends, sometimes with colleagues at work. This time, despite the holiday, Putin in Sochi in the middle of a Saturday is scheduled a work event – a briefing session with permanent members of the security Council of the Russian Federation. In addition, planned “a whole string of telephone conversations”, in which the President will receive the congratulations, Peskov said.

“I don’t want them to grow some princes of the blood, I want them normal people grew up”, – explained his position the head of state during the “Straight line” this year.

Putin said that his daughters live in Moscow, engaged in research and education. He sees them and their husbands; regrets that very rarely play with my grandchildren.

With ex-wife Lyudmila Putin, he said, has good relations, although each has its own life. The President said that very often, but seeing her. “We have a very good relationship,” he said.


Simple family joys Putin is not an alien, he generally says that he considers himself an ordinary man, may his work and has a certain specificity. However, as he told the President, he set aside time in your schedule to read historical books, listen to music, exercise, hang out with friends. “The more you do, the more time”, – stressed the head of state.

As for sports, commitment to a healthy lifestyle from the outset, Putin was isolated on the background of many of his predecessors. And it was not in the policy for a relatively young age – 47 years, when Putin was first elected President.

The President engaged in in the pool picture yet of reports and documentaries about him in the beginning of 2000-ies, however, and after 17 years on the daily technique – “first exercise, then the pool” – Putin said in the Oliver stone movie. American then listed: Putin is smart, thinks like a chess player and is in excellent physical shape. Answering the question of who could play Putin in artistic painting, famous Director mentioned actor Jeremy Renner, who, by the way, almost two decades younger than the President of the Russian Federation.

Political peers

The current age of the Russian leader to a statesman – we can say, average. In the famous Soviet film “Seventeen moments of spring” Muller assured the spies that the age of prosperity, the policy is 70 years. Following this logic, Putin has yet to come.

As for the political longevity as such, Putin finds nothing wrong in it, when it is in the laws of the country. The President noted that in other countries well-known political long-livers, that, “in principle, fine, if it is in accordance with democratic procedures”.

Putin also said that he even begged to change the Constitution – apparently in order not to leave the post in 2008, however, he did not do it “and I do not intend to in the future.” What exactly he will do after the completion of the period established by law presidential career, Putin, by his own admission, have not yet thought of. However, he noted that “there are a lot of interesting activities”, and not necessarily just to write his memoirs. “I’ll find what I want to do”, – assured the head of state.

And while he committed to his presidential work. To the question, wherever he went, if he had a time machine, Putin replied that he would be interested to see how it was built and developed Russia and Saint Petersburg, both made fateful decisions for the country, “as our fathers and grandfathers won in the great Patriotic war”. But as for the future, it believes the President is created in the present: “Therefore, if we want the future to be prosperous, we must now effectively, with full return of forces to work.”