Slutsky called provocation the removal of flags from buildings of departmenet of the Russian Federation in the USA

MOSCOW, October 12. /TASS/. The Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky called provocation of withdrawal by U.S. authorities of the Russian flags from the buildings of the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco and the Russian trade representation in Washington.

“Removal of Russian flags from the buildings of the Russian departmenet in the USA is another destructive step in a diplomatic war, unleashed by the administration of previous President of America Barack Obama. Such actions are clearly provocative character,” he told reporters on Thursday.

“The state Duma fully agree with the position of our Embassy in Washington and the Russian foreign Ministry, the American side expressed a resolute protest”, – said the Deputy. “I believe that the failure to send to the USA the delegation of the state Duma became the most appropriate response on the part of the Deputy corps in this situation,” he concluded.

The state Duma will not respond to the provocations of the US authorities to disrupt flags, so as not to “devalue the Russian Parliament,” said Slutsky.

“We are not going for each U.S. provocations, which are held almost daily, to make collective statements, thus devaluing the Russian Parliament, he stressed. – There was another destructive step in the untied States, the diplomatic war. In fact, the stolen state symbols of the Russian Federation, committed anti-legal actions, which purpose – once again to provoke Russia into a harsh reaction. But we do not yield to such provocations”.

Slutsky also said such an outrageous policy of forcing confrontation in relations between Russia and the United States. “Of course, the amputation of our diplomatic property, the expulsion of diplomats, the theft of our state symbols – this is outrageous, and it can not cause a reaction from us. The answer, of course, will be, but we won’t disrupt the state symbols of the diplomatic missions of the United States. It is uncivilized and disrespectful to our partners, regardless of relationship,” – said the Deputy.

In addition, speaking about the recent actions of the US in respect of departmenti RF, Slutsky noted the need for “the establishment in Russia of legally enshrined mechanisms of goragorskaya the sanctions to this kind of attacks and insults, which hurt Russia’s interests and our national dignity”

October 11, U.S. authorities have removed the Russian flags on buildings of the Consulate General in San Francisco and sales offices in Washington. As reported by the Russian Embassy in the United States, the American side was expressed a strong protest, Moscow demanded the immediate return of the flags in place. On 12 October the Duma Council because of the situation, decided to postpone the visit of the delegation of deputies in the United States, reported to the office of the lower house.