What was interesting about Andrei Turchak, as Governor of the Pskov region

As head of the Pskov region in February 2009, 33-summer Andrey Turchak (born 20 December 1975) was the youngest at that time Governor in the country. At the head of the region, he was replaced by Mikhail Kuznetsov, who left the position prematurely at his own request after four years of work. Until 2007 Turchak has held senior positions in the military-industrial holding company “Leninets” and at the same time built a rapid political career. In February 2005 he joined the party “United Russia”, two months later became the General Council of the party and co-founder of its youth wing — the “Young guard of United Russia”.

In 2006, the Bureau of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” recommended Turchak for the post of member of the Federation Council from the Parliament of the Nenets Autonomous district, the year he was elected a Deputy of the Pskov regional Assembly and submitted to the Federation Council his interests. In 2009, he became the Governor of the Pskov region. After the expiration of five years the Governor’s office Andrey Turchak has taken part in elections of the head region 14 of September 2014 and scored 78,36% of the vote.

Tourism, agriculture and industrial area

The important merit Turchak is the fact that he was able to attract and effectively master the Federal money, to include the region in the Federal target program.

Pskov oblast in the reign of Turchak was active in developing economic ties with neighbouring Belarus, Latvia and Estonia. As previously explained TASS Turchak, cross-border cooperation programmes which are financed by the participating countries, in the region’s economy over the last ten years attracted around 1.6 billion rubles. These funds in small towns on the border paved roads and repaired the piers, in the framework of environmental programs clean and sarybala lake Peipsi, reconstructed historic parks and half-modernized the Pskov Vodokanal.

Pskov region managed to get into the Federal target program on tourism development. The creation of tourist-recreational cluster “Pskov” within the Federal program, the Federal government allocated 1,640 billion rubles from the required 6,965 billion rubles. Most of the money the Governor and his team found private investors and non-budgetary sources. During the four years of participation of region in Federal target program in Pskov was rebuilt or built anew ten of infrastructure embankments of the rivers Velikaya and Pskova, the Finnish and Children’s parks, some streets, six hotels, cafes and restaurants, a water Park and multi-functional complexes.

In the poor natural resources of the region Andrey Turchak made a bid for the development of agriculture, helping organizations to get loans and giving local benefits. During this time the number of pigs in the region rose in national ranking from 10th to 4th place mostly due to the creation and development of the largest in the Northwest of Penza. According to the administration of the region in the last five years (2012 through 2016), the region maintains leadership in the growth of agricultural production among the indicators for Russia and the NWFD and in 2016, the region took the first place in Russia.

In 2012 Turchak first urged the creation of special economic zone to attract industrial enterprises. Now in the SEZ ‘ Procedure with the support of the state actually invested at least 4 billion rubles in November will be launched the first two of six plant construction — Russian for the production of freeze-dried fruit and Finnish paint. To complete the formation of a ‘ Procedure plan in 2026. By this time in the SEZ to begin the work of 30 companies, which will operate 2797 employees, and the volume of investments will exceed 13 billion rubles.

Among the promising projects of the administration of the Pskov region launched Turchak, — held in Pskov the International Hanseatic days in 2019. On their training with the help of the Federal center in the region plans to raise at least 12 billion rubles. The money is already being developed, they went to repair the city’s yards, parks, historic buildings, the completion of the 7-km Northern bypass around the city of Pskov.

In August of this year, speaking at a meeting in the Kaliningrad region on the development of transport infrastructure of the North-West of Russia under the chairmanship of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turchak has proposed the creation of a freight logistics route Kaliningrad — Moscow through Pskov region, to increase not only incomes of their own region, but also loading sea port in Kaliningrad.

The growth of public debt and criticism of the financial policy

However Turchak managed to solve not all the problems of the region. The revenues of the budget of the Pskov region in 2017, excluding transfers and subsidies, are planned at 21.8 billion rubles. This value remains the smallest in the North-Western Federal district. Budget deficit reaches 10% of revenues. According to regional administrations, the national debt at mid-year was 94.2% compared to own revenues of the region. Compared with the year 2016 it rose by 0.3 billion, reaching 15.1 billion.

Poor economic performance of the region became the reason for criticism of the Governor. For example, the representative of regional branch “Fair Russia” Oleg Bryachak held in Pskov several rallies for the resignation Turchak and posted the petition on the same subject.

According to the Bryachak, that since the appointment of Turchak Governor Pskov oblast administration started to attract commercial loans, and in just five years under the leadership of Turchak “credit load Pskov region increased 75 times.” The interest on the debt service, the region spends more than a billion rubles, and the tax burden on residents of the region all this time, it was reported in the petition.

Reputational risks

During the reign of Turchak arose and political scandals that have a negative effect on his reputation. Including one of the most resonant — the story of the beating of journalist Oleg Kashin. The attack on Kashin was committed in November 2010. He linked this crime with the professional activity. A few months before that day, Kashin and head of the Pskov region there was a conflict on the Internet. The journalist has applied to the Governor an insult and refused to apologise.

In September 2015, Kashin said that the three suspects in the attack worked for him in the protection of the company “Mechanical plant”, which is included in the holding company “Leninets”. Holding, according to Kashin, belongs to the family of the Governor Turchak.

However, in December 2015, as reported by TASS, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not support the proposal to remove the Governor of the Pskov region at the time of the investigation about the attack on journalist Oleg Kashin. The President noted that even in the media about the case. we are not talking about Andrei Turchak and grounds to suspend him no.

The drafters of the “Rating of political survival rate of governors”, published at the end of 2016, the St. Petersburg policy Foundation, noted that Turchak has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to get out of the shot and adjust the direction of the negative “undercurrents”.


On Thursday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin accepted the resignation of the head of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak on their own. Acting Governor appointed Deputy Plenipotentiary representative of the President in Severo-the Western Federal district Mikhail Vedernikov. Andrey Turchak was appointed acting Secretary of the General Council of the party.