Gromyko: Romania lost due to the rupture of relations with Russia

BUCHAREST, 13 Oct. /Offset. TASS Nikolai Morozov/. Romania, “no doubt, lost as a result of almost complete rupture of relations with Russia.” This opinion in an interview with TASS was expressed by the Director of the Institute of Europe, RAS corresponding member Alexei Gromyko, who is in Romania on cooperation with the European Foundation Titulescu University of Craiova.

“The potential of Russian-Romanian relations is very large, but used today probably only 10%, he said. Over the past two and a half decades the dynamics of economic and political cooperation between the two countries continuously damped”.

“Romania decided to follow the recipes, which essentially reflect the interests of others, – continued the interlocutor of the Agency. – A significant portion of the Romanian political class conducts anti-Russian course, which objectively harms their own country. In Romania placed missile defense, which, from the point of view of Russian military experts and diplomats who violate the fundamental agreement on intermediate-range and shorter-range. In addition, many politicians of Romania obsessed with the idea of “romanization” of Moldova, unification of Moldova and Romania”.

“Unfortunately, many of the countries becoming members of the EU and NATO, arguing that it ought not to diversify their foreign contacts, and become an alternative to the old relations, – said Gromyko. – Meanwhile, more interaction with the West does not contradict the economic and political partnership with Russia. Our countries have much in common, not what divides us. Romania is an Orthodox country, there lives a minority Russian – Lipovans, many Romanians are in favor of normalizing relations with Russia”.

“Romania could have won much more without a one-sided position, which only worsens the situation, and acting as a mediator, he said. Many European neutral countries – Switzerland, Finland, Austria and play above their capabilities, because they provide a negotiating platform to solve international problems. And Romania could do the same by making a contribution to the settlement, for example, Ukrainian and Transnistrian crisis. Refusing from this role, it limits its own possibilities.”

“Because Russia and Romania are neighbors, the “tyranny of geography” in the end will prevail, says Gromyko. All countries strive to ensure that their environment was peaceful: the West European integration has put an end to the centuries-old enmity between Germany and France. The same applies to relations between Russia and Romania, Russia and Poland, Russia and the Baltic countries. Despite the fact that these countries today can be called “hawks” in 20-30 years everything will be different, because the current situation is not in their interests”.