The United Russia party approved a reshuffle in the General Council and the CEC of the party

MOSCOW, October 13. /TASS/. The General Council of “United Russia” at session on Friday has approved the resignation of Secretary Sergei Neverov in connection with his election as the leader of the faction in the state Duma.

Place acting Secretary took appointed on 12 October, the Chairman of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev, the ex-Governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak, who Neverov presented to members of the General Council and the Presidium.

Speaking for the first time in the party in the new status Turchak expressed the hope that the experience on the ground will help him on his new position. “For me, it is, in fact, returning home, I began together in 2005. We had more than one electoral cycle. I think that the experience that I got during the work in the party until the appointment of the Governor, and the experience that I got 8 years working “on the ground”, I can use,” said he, addressing the members of the General Council of United Russia.

The General Council is a permanent collegial body of the party, which, under the Charter, “directs the political activities of the party”, including develops projects of election programme, and other fundamental programmatic, organizational, party and ideological documents, recommendations on the main directions of political strategy. Members of the General Council are elected by the Congress party from their ranks they elect the alternative basis of his Secretary.

42-year-old Turchak is not a member of the General Council, expected to be introduced in its structure at the party Congress, scheduled for December. After that, his candidacy is on the alternative basis may be nominated for election by the Secretary of the General Council.

“One man – one post”

As recalled by the Deputy Secretary of the General Council Viktor Seliverstov, the meeting of the Duma faction “United Russia” October 9, Neverov was unanimously elected leader of the faction, and to “immerse themselves in the legislative work on the implementation of the tasks set before the party,” Neverov addressed Medvedev with a request to release him from the post of Secretary of the General Council. “From the Chairman of the party consent is obtained,” said Seliverstov.

Neverov, who stood at the head of the General Council since 2010, explained his request by the fact that last year the party took a decision on the principle of “one man – one post”. In his words, “the combination of two such positions as the Secretary [of the General Council] and the head of the faction is neither the time nor in functionality”.

The change of the head of the CEC

Personnel changes occurred in the CEC of the party. So, Vladimir Burmatov, who led this party on September 2016, on Wednesday was the state Duma the Chairman of the environment Committee, succeeding Olga Timofeev, who became Deputy speaker of the state Duma. For this reason, ASG accepted the resignation by Burmatova.

The acting of the was a former Deputy Burmatova Maxim Rudnev, who oversees the Executive management of the project activities. The first Deputy head of the Central election Commission Konstantin Mazurowski went to work in the state Duma, which will be headed by the office of the faction “United Russia”.

The CEC is responsible in the party for the current, including organizational, job. Under the Charter of the “United Russia”, the head of the Executive Committee is appointed by the Presidium of the General Council.

The revolution will not be

Despite the personnel changes, the new acting Secretary of the General Council stated that it sees no need for change in the “United Russia”. “Change is necessary where there is an inefficient operation,” he told reporters after a meeting of the General Council.

According to Turchak, “the work [in the party] is built, efficient and in the Central office and in the regions”, as evidenced by the level of support of “United Russia”.

In this case, the acting Secretary did not rule out that “subtle adjustments can be.” “But all this may be clear after regional trips,” said Turchak.

Attention to regional work in the party

It is the regional agenda of the party acting Secretary General Council of “United Russia” promised to pay “special attention”, including during the preparation of the party Congress in December and the start of the presidential campaign.

“I will lean on his fellow party members who work in regions, on places and overall regional agenda will be given special attention,” said Turchak.

According to him, during the preparation of the party Congress, scheduled for December, launching the presidential election campaign, he intends to “go on regions, to hold cluster meetings, meetings with the secretaries of the [regional offices], to listen to them, hear, and rely on their support”. November, he said, “will be devoted to including the regional agenda”.