The Russian foreign Ministry called false reports in the British media about the supply of petroleum products to the Taliban

MOSCOW, October 16. /TASS/. Message the British media about the supply of Russian oil to the Taliban – fakes, which are aimed at diverting international community’s attention from the failures of the power politics of NATO in Afghanistan. On Monday said the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

“In Moscow drew attention to the publication in the Times newspaper, picked up and replicated in other British media, a relatively new “fact of” financing Russia, the Taliban (banned in Russia), – said in comments depodesta. – Articles citing some unnamed sources in the Taliban Movement are reasoning about the goals of Moscow’s policy in Afghanistan, and reported on the alleged unpaid deliveries of Russian oil to the Taliban”.

“We believe that these fake, like previous ones, is aimed at diverting the international community’s attention from the failures of power politics, NATO in Afghanistan and are due to jealous attitude to the stabilization efforts of Moscow and its regional partners, including the SCO on Afghanistan”, – stressed in the Russian dipvedomstva.

“I advise journalists Times to draw attention to the continuing flights of helicopters with no markings on the controlled territory of the extremists in various provinces of Afghanistan, which, according to the Afghans themselves, are the British intelligence services, as well as the increase in the number of civilians killed in Afghanistan in the current year due to including the reluctance of the international coalition to heed the lessons of past conflicts and the stakes for the military component,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

“We reiterate that Russia does not provide any support for the Taliban and consistently pursued a policy of assistance to the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and providing comprehensive assistance in the establishment as a peaceful, independent, stable and economically developed state, free from terrorism and drugs”, – noted in the Ministry, adding that “the article will be placed in the section “Examples of publications, replicated false information about Russia” on the website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation as an example of another disinformation spread by the Western media.”