Matvienko: the delegates of the DPRK stated that it did not plan to use nuclear weapons to attack

ST. PETERSBURG, 18 Oct. /TASS/. The DPRK is not going to use nuclear weapons to attack, and will use it only to protect its sovereignty.

As the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko, representatives of the DPRK had assured her during a meeting on the sidelines of the 137th Assembly of the Interparliamentary Union.

“I held talks with delegation of South Korea, and North Korea – said the Chairman of the Federation Council. Parliamentarians from North Korea said they are not yet ready to negotiate, this is the common position and the Parliament, and the country’s leadership, [they] explained his position that nuclear weapons, which they have, is a condition for the protection of their security, the only thing that preserves their sovereignty, and this weapon they’re going to use not to attack, but to protect”.

The speaker noted that “there is no other way except negotiations, no.” “While North Korea not ready for negotiations, but we must do all we can to put them at the negotiating table,” the MP said at the final press-conference Assembly. “North Korea should receive international guarantees of its security and its sovereignty, she said. – The degree of distrust between North and South Korea, between North Korea and the United States reached such a level that even today there is no conditions for normal talks.” “We should try to remove the heat of distrust and all sit down at the negotiating table, including within the framework of international six. We will do everything to make this happen,” – said Matvienko.

The speaker stressed that “Russia’s position is clear: we oppose the expansion of the nuclear club, we only support the regime of non-proliferation [of nuclear weapons]. We believe it is extremely important to encourage North Korea to sign agreement on non-proliferation”.

“The fact that the delegations of North Korea and South Korea have agreed to and have come to participate in the 137th Assembly [IGA] is already an important step, she said, Some journalists are seen in the margins, briefly, but still communicated the parliamentarians of South and North Korea – it is also good.”

October 16 TASS correspondent became the witness of how on the sidelines of the IPU Assembly, the delegate of South Korea welcomed the colleagues from the DPRK. She explained to journalists that it was “just to say Hello”. The North Korean delegation also confirmed that the parliamentarian from South Korea “I came to meet you.”

The subject of the settlement on the Korean Peninsula became one of Central at the IPU Assembly, which was attended by delegations from South Korea and the DPRK. Matvienko met with the two delegations, but to bring them to a full-fledged bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the IPU failed.