Putin: Russia’s reaction to the U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty will be instantaneous and mirror

SOCHI, October 19. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin assured that Russia’s reaction to the US withdrawal from the Treaty on intermediate-range and shorter-range is instant and mirror.

“If you wish to withdraw from the Treaty [INF] have American partners, from our side the answer is immediate, immediately notify – mirror”, – he said at a meeting of the international discussion club “Valdai”.

“We respect and will comply – as long as you follow our partners terms of our previous agreements,” – said Putin.

He recalled the accusations against Moscow, which is allegedly in violation of this agreement leads the new development of missiles. “Maybe it would be such a temptation if we had missiles, air-and sea-based” – he said, Recalling that in the INF Treaty, it was only on land-based missiles. Because the U.S. missiles, air-and sea-based as it was before the Treaty, and remained after its conclusion, “in fact from the Soviet side it was unilateral disarmament,” said the President. According to him, “now the situation has leveled” with the advent of Russian missiles “Caliber” and the like.