Russian foreign Minister: Russia cannot trust the accusations of the CIA in Damascus for the incident in Khan Sheyhun

MOSCOW, October 20. /TASS/. Moscow can’t trust the allegations of CIA on the responsibility of Damascus for use of chemical weapons in Syria, said the Director of the Department of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on non-proliferation and arms control (DNCW) Mikhail Ulyanov in connection with the statement by CIA Director Michael Pompeo that the US is supposedly already in 70 hours after the incident in Khan Sheyhun had irrefutable evidence that the responsibility for himataku bears the responsibility of the Syrian government.

“Comment on this statement difficult, – said the diplomat. Americans often make statements that justify their position, citing intelligence, but to share them, of course, refuse. Therefore, trust is a priori to what was reported by the Director of the CIA, we can’t, especially because, according to our data, in fact, in Khan Sheyhun was a provocation, staged the incident, which made local fighters from the opposition forces”.

The joint UN and OPCW to investigate chemical attacks in Syria, it seems, not only can, but does not want to fully perform their duties, said Ulyanov.

“This situation is, frankly, smacks of sabotage, – said Ulyanov. – First, the mission of the UN fact-finding refused to visit the scene of the incident in Khan Sheyhun, conducting all the investigation on the territory of the neighbouring country with Syria and citing the lack of necessary security conditions. However, as recently revealed, this is not true: the security Department of the UN Secretariat confirmed two weeks ago in the Security Council that in fact all the necessary guarantees safe access to the scene was received by UN personnel from the local warlords. Mission simply refused to go to the place of the incident, without having any reason for it.”

From SMR at Khan shaykhun, too, no one went, drew the attention of the head DNCV. “But we insisted that at least the experts visited the shayrat airbase, because it is necessary to verify whether there is stored sarin, or not, he continued. Base SMR staff about ten days ago is still visited, but to take samples for analysis refused, because he did not have relevant instructions from the leadership. As it turned out, this is the principled position of the leadership of SMR: the sample is not selected”.

“Accordingly, the question arises, what will be the quality of the investigation? – said Ulyanov. – Get the report, view, analyze. And then decide on the desirability of extending the mechanism’s mandate, which, as it turns out, not only can, but does not want to fully carry out their duties”.