The Governor of the Murmansk region declared pressure from militiamen

MURMANSK, October 23. /TASS/. The Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun said Monday about serious pressure on the government of the region on the part of law enforcement. According to the Governor, it will not force her to resign.

“I have to say that as the head of the region, the highest official, and the government of the Murmansk region in General, we have serious pressure from law enforcement. Including it is expressed in the massive queries, audits and other acts of intimidation”, – said Kovtun told reporters.

The Governor noted that sees “unprecedented pressure” on the authorities “principled positions on a range of issues, including on the issue of privatization of property in the territory of Murmansk, the affiliation of a number of commercial structures to the municipal officials.”

“Obviously, I don’t forgive restore order in the market of fuel and energy complex. I can’t interpret these actions differently as a political order and persecution to discredit the existing government and force me to leave the post of head of the subject. This will not be a decision on the fate of the head of the subject taken by the President of the Russian Federation”, – said Kovtun.

The head of region has underlined that does not exclude increasing pressure. “As the head of the region, I have no right to leave these actions without reactions, I will not sit idly by, I definitely will bring his position to the country’s top leadership and law enforcement officials. Such possibilities do I have,” said Kovtun.

Corruption scandals in the region

Earlier it was reported that on October 20 the October court of Murmansk detained former Deputy Governor Igor Babenko, who is accused of fraud. Babenko resigned from the government on 2 October at his own request.

This is not the first corruption scandal in the government of the Murmansk region. Earlier this year, under investigation was the Minister of natural resources of the region, which is suspected of use of forest land for construction of villas.

Earlier media reported about a possible new resignations of heads of regions. Among them was the name of the Governor of the Murmansk region.