The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: analysis of the UN report on Syria may lead to undesirable for Washington conclusions

MOSCOW, October 24. /TASS/. Washington fears that a thoughtful analysis of the report of the Joint OPCW-UN to investigate cases of chemical weapons use in Syria (SMR) on its activities over the past year will lead to undesirable consequences for the US conclusions. This is stated in a statement on Tuesday, the foreign Ministry statement.

As reminded in the Ministry, earlier on Tuesday, Moscow blocked a UN security Council resolution on the continuation of the investigation hematic in Syria.

“Our position is clear and consistent: responsible for the use of chemical weapons must be installed and be punished, – said in Russian depodesta. – In 2016, had twice agreed to extend the functioning of this structure by expanding the geography of its activities on neighboring Syria’s territory and giving it the mandate on counter-terrorism. And is now entitled to ask, what is really done to implement those decisions? How well under investigation?”

“Instead, we propose to extend the current mandate, that is, “not looking,” said the Russian foreign Ministry. Apparently afraid that a thoughtful analysis will lead to undesirable for Washington to conclusions.”

The United States went to early vote in the UN Security Council on a resolution extending the mandate of the Joint UN-OPCW on the investigation of cases of use of chemical weapons in Syria, according to its own considerations, the statement of the foreign Ministry.

“On 24 October the UN security Council held a vote on the submitted U.S. draft resolution providing for a hasty renewal of the mandate of CMP before the release of the report this structure for its activities over the past year, said the Ministry. – Americans went to early voting contrary to elementary logic and the long-established sequence of actions of the security Council, clearly according to its own considerations, far from the goals of creating a CMP. It has become their “trademark” – go ahead, crudely and shamelessly imposing their position, not bothering any clear reasoning. Are irreconcilable, ignoring not only international law and diplomatic practices, but also with common sense.”

The Ministry also stated that this line is causing “direct damage to the foundations of multilateral diplomacy, dilutes and “grooves” under American interests in the international structures, including the Joint mechanism of the OPCW – UN investigation.”

Russia will propose a scheme of further steps in the CMP mandate, after examining the report of the structure, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

“Russia has voted against for the reasons we have repeatedly stated, both publicly and in working contact with other members of the UN security Council,” – said in a statement.

As pointed out in the Russian depodesta, the main reason for this decision is that “it is impossible to blindly make important decisions without even evaluating the status of construction of its tasks”. “Without such an assessment it is impossible, in particular, to determine the advisability of extending the mandate of the mechanism unchanged or necessary updates and adjustments, as permitted by the previous security Council resolution 2319 on the matter, – explained in the Ministry. – Russia has always advocated to set up a Joint mechanism to systematically and consistently. In the near future it is expected the release of the report of SMR, we very carefully examine and then offer a plan of further steps.”