Antonov: Russia expects the United States suspended operations at nuclear deal with Iran

NEW YORK, October 28. /TASS/. Russia expects the United States suspended operations as regards the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. This was stated on Friday at a meeting with journalists the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov, participated in Youth forum in new York.

“We believe that a Joint comprehensive plan of action is a compromise, he said. – Perhaps each country would like to change it, but this is the compromise, to which the country came as a result of long negotiations.” “We expect the US weighted action with respect to this situation, – the diplomat said. – We do not want any escalation and any disruption in the implementation of this transaction”.

July 14, 2015 Tehran and six world powers (the five permanent UN security Council members and Germany) reached an agreement to resolve the nuclear issue of the Islamic Republic. They have developed AGREEMENT provides for the lifting of UN sanctions and the European Union imposed on Iran in connection with its nuclear program in exchange for commitments by Tehran to limit its nuclear activities and bring it under international control. 16 January 2016 it was announced about the beginning of the implementation of the transaction, and Washington lifted the restriction.

On 13 October, President Donald trump outlined a new, tougher U.S. strategy toward Tehran. So, Washington will oppose the “destabilizing influence” of Iran, and intends to urge the international community to unite to put pressure on the Case “guards of Islamic revolution” (elite units of the Iranian armed forces). In addition, the American leader refused to confirm the fulfillment of the Islamic Republic of agreement on the nuclear program and promised to make any changes.