Russia hopes that Syria will be able to get rid of ISIS for a month or two

ASTANA, October 31. /TASS/. Moscow hopes that in the next one or two months in Syria will not remain the armed forces of the Islamic state (banned in Russia). On Tuesday announced the special representative of the Russian President on Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev at a press conference in Astana.

“Now the situation is developing quite rapidly. The fight against ISIL (the former name of the terrorist organization “Islamic state”, IG) is in the final stage. We all hope that in the coming one or two months, at least in Syria, there will be no more armed groups or settlements acting as a stronghold of the terrorist group”, – said the Lavrentiev.

He noted that the question of the exchange of hostages in Syria, there is a lot of misinformation.

“There was a lot of distorted information, which does not lead to build confidence between the warring parties. Give different figures: 15 thousand women forcibly held in Syrian prisons of the Central authorities or 100 thousand militants who were arrested and are in the same place”, – said the Lavrentiev.

“We believe the situation is very important, we will continue to achieve its adoption, – said the special representative of the President. – You need to work with Damascus and the opposition to the adoption of the document was not an empty talking shop. It is necessary to adopt mechanisms that will really work”.

Lavrentyev said that the decision to hold the Congress of the Syrian acdialog in Russia was motivated by security issues. “Here, I would like to emphasize that, while recognizing the need to find some options out on the national dialogue, the Russian side announced about the initiative of the Congress of the Syrian national dialogue”, – said the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation.

He added that cited the various options for the venue of such a meeting. “We would like to hold such an important inter-Syrian forum on the territory of Syria. But given the current situation, which still can not provide the required level of security, it was decided to hold the event in Sochi (November 18),” he informed Lorenzo.

Moscow hopes that the participants of the Congress of netdialog Syria to discuss the drafting of the Constitution and elections. “I hope that this forum will allow you to gather all around one table and talk about what to do for the future, he said. – How to launch a constitutional reform like to make do not delay the time to adopt a new Constitution and hold parliamentary and presidential elections under the supervision of the UN. It would be very helpful.”

He recalled that the countries – guarantors of a ceasefire in Syria (Russia, Iran and Turkey) expressed support for this initiative in a joint statement after talks in Astana. “I would like to appeal to members of various armed opposition groups, so that they do not miss the chance to come to Russia and to Express their point of view, to participate the political settlement. This will show that the armed opposition is ready for a constructive way”, – said the Lavrentiev.

In addition, Moscow advocated the production of mechanism that will lead to stabilization in the region of Idlib in Syria.

“Today we discussed an important area of de-escalation in the region of Idlib. It is most difficult, because there are still not completely exposed to the observation posts of the Turkish armed forces, the Iranian observation posts, as well as the Russian military police”, – said the Lavrentiev.

According to him, the difficulties stem from the fact that in the region of Idlib, focus and there are a lot of radical groups, especially “al-Nusra Dzhebhat” (banned in Russia), etc.

“We understand all the passions and tensions between Ankara and Damascus. However, we need to work on stabilization of the situation in this area where more than 3 million civilians,” said special representative of the President of the Russian Federation.

He stressed that we need to develop a mechanism that would lead to early stabilization and prevented attacks by radicals from the territory of Idlib against the areas where at the present time is already fully exist in peace.

According to Alexander Lavrentiev, the Russian Federation considers inappropriate extension of the Syrian opposition at the start of netdialog.

“In such an important matter as a national dialogue to address with some pre-conditions for its participation is inexpedient and unjustifiable, he said. Because the prerequisite may be the Central government of Syria. Here it is necessary to put aside all of the demands that are quite high, and going forward, proving the correctness of his point of view.”