Ryabkov called the US policy on the international arena is absolutely selfish

SOCHI, 1 November. /TASS/. Moscow sees from Washington for action to improve U.S.-Russian relations. This was stated on Wednesday by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov.

“We still have nothing but uncertain signals of intent to improve relations with Russia, do not see, – said the diplomat. – There is a series of actions that cause our sharp rejection”.

“These actions move the relations between our countries down a dead end, create an environment of permanent crisis – said Ryabkov. The responsibility is entirely on the American side.”

According to him, the extension of the limits of the United States against Russia was not unexpected, but the fact of concern. “Though it would not surprise us, the fact that the continued strengthening sanctions pressure, of deep concern,” said the Russian diplomat.

Ryabkov said that Moscow will try to return Washington to the reality and to show that suffer from the sanctions are the Americans. The Deputy Minister stressed that Moscow would continue to seek a way out of the situation in Russian-American relations.

“We will continue to the extent possible, to look for exits from a current situation, – the diplomat said. We will try nevertheless to return Americans to the reality and show that from this kind of techniques are suffering including their interests”.

The US action against the Minsk agreements proves the lack of neutrality Washington, said Ryabkov. He called American policies in the international arena entirely selfish.

“One time we were told that there has to be a certain change in attitudes and actions of the Russian Federation with respect to Ukraine, – said the Deputy Minister. But it’s clear that these appeals were generally not at the address.”

“Then, as now, for example, the us behaves in relation to the Minsk agreements, which sends signals to all the participants of the Normandy format, shows that there can be no question of some kind of neutral, reasonable, sober approach, – said the Deputy Minister. – Here is deeply anti-Russian attitudes, which can be traced in all aspects of American lines are in dialogue with us and in decisions regarding Russia lately”.

“Nord stream-2”

According to him, “Nord stream-2” is a commercial project, attempts to politicize it are an example of unfair competition from the United States. “Nord stream – 2” is a commercial project. Attempts to politicize it, to artificially find some legal leads, to question, to bring in additional actors to discuss what can and should be done in regard to the “Nord stream” – all this is nothing more than a manifestation of unfair competition, – said the Deputy Minister. – Do not be surprised if in the absence of any additional formal decisions, the United States will continue to work openly and behind closed doors against the “Nord stream”.

“It’s part of their policy, they do not hesitate to declare her right. We just totally and explicitly let them say that we proceed from common sense and economic feasibility,” – said the diplomat.

“We will call things by their right names, do not hesitate, where necessary, as in this situation, to emphasize that the American course is absolutely not dictated by the motives, which they are trying to put in the forefront. This is purely selfish, calling to the rest of the international community the course, which is heavily involved in the belief in their own uniqueness and the ability to do anything in the international arena”, noted Ryabkov.

“Collapse” of the nuclear deal

He also said that US sanctions in respect of the Case “guards of Islamic revolution” illegal and contrary to international law. “Our General approach to unilateral sanctions universal. We believe such techniques are illegal, contrary to international law and the basics of interstate relations, the diplomat stressed. – The Americans have turned sanctions into the basic tool of its foreign policy.”

“Today, sanctions are a means to which Washington resorted in the first place. This means, by and large, a significant degradation of the foundations of foreign policy”, – believes Ryabkov.

“If sanctions have an extraterritorial component, that is, an attempt to apply the methods of intimidation to businesses, organizations and individuals from third countries, it is clear that the sanctions then become an element of creating an environment of uncertainty and crisis, – continued the Deputy Minister. – Maybe, in this goal, the United States always was famous for ability to pursue a policy of managed crises and teeter on the brink of the escalation of crises into a hot phase”.

According to him, the US “is trying to ratchet up sanctions pressure as Russia and Iran.” “Continue to feel the destructive influence of the American side, trying, in particular, through its strong, powerful position in the financial-banking sector adversely affect the interaction (Moscow and Tehran) by creating obstacles to the normal financial transactions. Many other things happening in the same field. We see it, are looking for alternatives,” – said Ryabkov.

“I think, as before, we need to move towards reducing dependence on the us dollar and the American banking system. Not only Russia and Iran, but many countries are beginning to understand this better”, – concluded the diplomat.

The Deputy Minister stressed that any changes to nuclear deal with Iran impossible. “No changes, additions, adjustments of the agreement is impossible due to the fact that it is a very tuned, delicate balance of interests and compromises, Ryabkov said. – If to speak about something additionally, it should be a completely separate topic for discussion”. “I understand that to engage in such discussions from the Iranian side, no,” he said. Responsibility for the possible “collapse” of the nuclear deal with Iran will be on the United States, said the diplomat. “The situation is exacerbated because the mood in Congress is very anti-Iran, – said the Deputy Minister. – Responsible for the hypothetical collapse of SVPD will be entirely on the American side.”