The Russian Federation considers “Amateur” report on chemical attacks in Syria

UN 1 Nov. /TASS/. Russia on Tuesday gave very low assessment of the report of the UN Commission and the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) investigating the chemical attack in Syria, and putting the responsibility for one of the cases the use of toxic substances in Damascus. As highlighted in the note, with preliminary estimates of the report, directed the permanent mission to the UN in the General Assembly and the Security Council, the document “is Amateur in nature,” and the conclusions contained therein are based on the “amateurish methodology.”

“If you carefully read the report, it is difficult to call a professionally trained. Rather, it is Amateur in nature and based mainly on assumptions and selective use of facts,” – said the Russian Embassy.

It said that Russian specialists will continue to “study the technical aspects of the report CMP [Joint UN and OPCW to investigate chemical attacks in Syria]”. “The results of this work will be in the next few days brought to the international community”, – said in a note.

26 Oct CMP his seventh report, which blamed the attack with sarin in the city of Khan shaykhun 4 April 2017 on the Syrian authorities, and after the attack with the use of sulfur mustard in the village of Marat Umm Hosh 16 September 2016 – the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). After the publication of the report of the UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres, said that “completely confident in the professionalism, impartiality and objectivity of the mechanism”, and also thanked investigators for “reinforced and dedication.”

As have informed on Tuesday to journalists a press-the Secretary of the permanent mission of the Russian Federation Fedor Strzygowski, pre-Russian assessment of the CMP report were circulated “as an official document of the Security Council and the General Assembly”. According to TASS, the results of the investigation will be discussed at the meeting of the security Council, which will take place next week.

“Already at the first reading of the report is evident that the investigation was conducted with gross deviations from the high standards of the Convention [Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons], expressed in the abandonment of on-site investigations, non-compliance, the action sequences, while ensuring the preservation of evidence, failure to use all available methods and techniques of investigation, trusting attitude toward the testimony of unidentified witnesses, whose presence in Khan Sheyhun on the morning of 4 April, nothing confirmed, etc.”, – said in a note distributed RF.

Serious flaws in the argument

The Russian side notes that many of the shortcomings “were inherited from the CMP of the Mission, the OPCW fact-finding”, which prepared the basis for the investigation of chemical attacks in Syria. As highlighted in the note, the mission “intentionally refused a visit to Khan Shaykhun, despite predictions that, as we now know, security guarantees”. “Nevertheless, the SMR had every opportunity to correct the flaws of the OPCW Mission, but he didn’t use it,” reads the note.

Permanent mission of the Russian Federation drew on the “serious flaws in the basis of certain conclusions,” contained in the report of the Commission. “Characteristic in this respect are the results of the investigation of the incident in Um-Hosh. Responsibility for it is entrusted to ISIS (formerly known as IG – approx. The TASS) on the sole ground that the other operating in the area of non-governmental armed formations, unlike ISIS, “have never been seen in the use of mustard gas”. The methodology, frankly, amateurish. She does not honor experts of the mechanism”, – says the Russian side.

Continuous questions

Analyzing done by the CMP its investigation into the incident in Khan Sheyhun, permanent mission of the Russian Federation comes to the conclusion that it leaves “one”. “In the report there are only allegations, citing “evidence” derived from all the same opposition, the affiliated NGOs, the opinions of some anonymous “independent” institutions and experts”, – said in a note.

The Russian side suggested that the CMP “on the move” adopted as the basic the version that the attack with sarin in Khan Sheyhun was carried out from the air, and “ignored the arguments in favor of the staging and the provocative nature of the incident”, which has been repeatedly stated by Damascus and Moscow. Noting “solid inconsistencies” in the report of the CMP, the permanent mission of the Russian Federation drew attention to the fact that experts of the mechanism is left without comment the fact that arrived on the scene of a chemical attack White helmets “knew in advance that took to the air from the base of the Shirt aircraft allegedly curb munitions filled with the chemical”.

Moscow warned that SMR nominated against Syria charges “based on surface remote of the investigation”, do not fully understand “the extent of their responsibility” for such inferences.

“No criminal court, such “evidence base” for consideration would not accept. For some reason on the international stage so, to put it mildly, a simplified approach is seen by many as the norm. And instead of serious detailed analysis of the report refrained slogans of “independence, impartiality and professionalism” CMP. Such high rating should be impeccable results of the investigation, and with it the mechanism looks bad”, – concluded the Russian side.