Zakharov: description of U.S. intervention in the Affairs of the Russian Federation would require a multivolume work

MOSCOW, November 1. /TASS/. A full description of the attempted US interference in Russia’s internal Affairs would require a multivolume work. This was stated on Wednesday by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova at the meeting of the Council of the Federation working group on monitoring of external activities aimed at interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

“If we will, and perhaps it would come to this, talk about full intervention of the United States, I think, will need to publish a multi-volume reports detailing all that is happening on the line of the Russian Federation, and how it is carried out”, – said Zakharov.

She stressed that Washington is not even trying to hide attempt to influence Moscow. “Every step in against Russia – be it the expulsion of diplomats or the termination of contacts between some of the branches of government – immediately followed by the statement that it is a signal to Russian citizens, society and the media that they thought about the domestic politics of Russia”, – explained the official representative of the foreign Ministry.

However, she added that the Russian foreign Ministry ready to deal with this theme, if it will be of interest. “If you will request from the legislature, civil society, we are willing to make such a report, but I repeat – this is fundamental work,” – concluded Zakharov.