Kosachev: the US is completely transferred to the diplomacy mode of anguish and pathos

MOSCOW, November 2. /TASS/. The United States finally turned the diplomacy mode of anguish and pathos, Washington advantageous to inflame passions around the situation with investigation of chemical attacks in Syria. This opinion was expressed on Thursday the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

On Wednesday, the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders issued a statement, according to which Russia is allegedly trying to eliminate the Joint UN and the Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) to investigate (CMP) chemical attacks in Syria. In particular, in her words, “a monstrous attack” on 4 April 2017 in the city of Khan shaykhun was already the fourth case of CMP confirm the fact that “the regime of [Syrian President Bashar] Assad uses chemical weapons,” the document says. It is noted that the CMP “emphasizes the brutal and horrific barbarism of Bashar al-Assad and making the protection provided by Russia, even more shocking”.

“The American side interpreterpath used 24 Oct Russian veto in the UN security Council on the draft U.S. resolution to extend the mandate of the Joint investigations of the OPCW – UN more than clearly characterizes the state of mind in Washington and their chosen tactics. The United States finally turned the diplomacy mode of the anguish and pathos that is closer to the North Korean television than to the behavior of Mature democracies,” Kosachev wrote on his page in Facebook.

October 26, CMP submitted its seventh report, which blamed the attack with sarin in the city of Khan shaykhun 4 April 2017 on the Syrian authorities, and after the attack with the use of sulfur mustard in the village of Marat-Umm Hosh 16 September 2016 – militants of the outlawed terrorist group “Islamic state”. The investigative powers of the Commission expire November 17. Last week Russia vetoed the US prepared a resolution renewing the mandate of the CMP to November 2018, called to wait for the publication of the report. On Tuesday, the Russian side has sent to the security Council and the UN General Assembly the results of the preliminary assessment prepared by the investigators of the report, saying it “is Amateur in nature,” and the conclusions contained therein are based on the “amateurish methodology.”

The deliberate hysteria and judgment

Kosachev considers that the logic of American representative simple as any frontal propaganda: “if you did not support the U.S. resolution, so indifferent to the suffering of people and all for dictators and terrorists.” “Of course, this format is much more convenient than a Frank conversation about how it worked the mechanism of SMR, how to improve it, not to cancel,” stated the Senator. Meanwhile, by this mechanism, there are a number of questions about what Russia said back in the summer, when the OPCW has disseminated the final report of the special mission of the international structures on the incident in Khan Sheyhun 4 April 2017, said the politician.

In his opinion, it was already clear that the report is based on questionable data received from stakeholders (the Syrian opposition) and at least interested non-governmental organizations such as “White helmets”, not at the site of the tragedy, and “the neighboring country”. Kosachev added that the failure of the mission to work at the scene could not be surprising. “When Russia offered to immediately send inspectors directly at Khan shaykhun and to the base Shirt, where he allegedly was kept applied in Khan Sheyhun sarin gas, the Western countries have blocked this initiative, proving that the easy version is more important than an inconvenient truth,” the MP said.

He said that now Russia was not against the extension of the mandate of the CMP and against the resolution, which would be ahead of the submission of the report on the activities of the mechanism over the past year. Time before the expiry of the mandate of the mission is still there, drew the attention of the Senator.

“But the United States is clearly advantageous to inflame passions around the situation with the CMP and once again represent Russia almost complicit in the use of chemical weapons. After all, if you can convince mankind that in the face of Russia it deals with the inhuman government, indifferent to the suffering of innocent people from the terrible and forbidden weapons, it [Russia] is also permissible any action not it?” – said Kosachev.

He believes that all this deliberate hysteria is a very serious and sober calculation. “Hence the frantic pressing of the OPCW, and all of this unscrupulous campaign of demonization of Russia. But we, of course, with the hands of the watch and the white thread is visible. I would like to have and the world rejected the dirty game of Washington”, – concluded the Senator.