The Embassy of the Russian Federation declared unacceptable attack of a U.S. Senator about the “fascist” Russian leadership

WASHINGTON, 2 Nov. /TASS/. U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (Democrat from Oregon) at the hearings in Congress have made unacceptable attack, calling the Russian leadership “fascist”. This is stated in the published on Wednesday the comments of the Russian Embassy in Washington. We are talking about the hearings of the Senate special Committee on intelligence, which was attended by representatives of Internet companies Facebook, Twitter and Google.

“Today unacceptable attack made by the Senator from Oregon Wyden, who called the leadership of Russia is fascist. The adequacy left another people’s choice in Washington?” – stated in the document. “If he understood at all what he’s talking about? Or most importantly to draw attention to yourself, if not impossible to dislodge from the evidence called in for questioning?” – ask questions in the Embassy.

It also noted that “such open provocation prejudice and without that uneasy Russian-the American relations”. While the hearing itself, as highlighted in the statement, “reaffirmed the lack of evidence of Russian state intervention in the us presidential elections” held in 2016.

“As it is often recently in the U.S. cover up inconvenient facts tend insults” against Russia, said in comments. “So it was recently with our flags to the diplomatic property and consular archives,” it said.

“Spirit Of The Elbe”

The document stresses that “it is time for even those who here prefers the tone of shopkeepers unleashed the Second world war, to understand that the Russian Federation in the internal Affairs of the United States does not intervene”.

“And in the War against the plague of Nazism, we won. Won because our people were together. I hope the bilateral relations will prevail “spirit of the Elbe”, the spirit of cooperation, including military. Now it is necessary in the fight against new threats – international terrorism,” – said in comments.

“We have to find a way to combine our efforts,” concluded the Embassy.

Lawmakers themselves actively, but groundlessly accused Russia of trying to sow discord in American society through publications in social networks in order to influence the outcome of elections in 2016.

“When the current fascist leadership of Russia with enthusiasm undermines our democracy, America must defend the values that made us great, and resolutely oppose this spying,” said a Wyden at a hearing devoted to attributed to Moscow’s intervention in the American elections via social media.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin has no relation to the placement of political advertising in Facebook and does not know who is behind these orders.