The Embassy of the Russian Federation: Russia will always respond to the new sanctions of Canada

OTTAWA, 4 Nov. /Offset. TASS Daniel Studnev/. Russia will always respond to new sanctions by Canada’s mutual and adequate measures.

On Friday the correspondent of TASS said the press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Ottawa Kirill Kalinin.

“Canada’s decision to expand anti-Russian sanctions under the false pretext of the hypocritical protection of human rights is completely meaningless and wrong,” – said the diplomat. He stressed that such actions Ottawa “isolating itself from one of the world’s key powers” and “canadian foreign policy swings back in a narrow black-and-white ideological position that is incompatible with modern geopolitics”.

Kalinin added that Russia has already responded to such actions of Ottawa. “At the moment, dozens of Canadians denied entry into the Russian Federation. It is not our choice, but in the case of new sanctions our response will be constant and mutual terms of quantity and quality”, – concluded the diplomat.

Earlier Friday, the government of Canada sanctions against 30 Russian citizens. As stated in the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the restrictive measures are imposed in connection with the recently adopted “Law on victims of corrupt foreign governments” or “Law name of Sergei Magnitsky”. Russia in response has already taken a decision on the closure of entry among canadian leaders. “We have to act in a mirror. Based on the principle of reciprocity, the decision to close the entrance to the Russian Federation a number of canadian leaders. The list is long, it has dozens of names,” – said in comments to the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, posted on the website of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.