Aksenov: the openness, the Crimean authorities will help waged against Ukraine information war

TASS, 4 November. The openness, the Crimean authorities will help against large-scale information war, unleashed by Ukraine against Russia and Crimea. About this in Facebook wrote the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

“One of the key principles of information policy of the government of the Republic is maximum openness of power. We do not hide flaws and always listens to the public. I am sure that this is the right position. We will continue to follow this line. I believe that government transparency is an important part of the strategy of information security,” he wrote.

“It’s no secret that against Russia and Crimea unleashed a large-scale information war. Doing this as the security services and state structures of Ukraine and some Western countries. Disruptive to the work involved, the Crimean people who left the Peninsula after reunification with Russia became enemies of the Crimea. In this war used and our fellow citizens – sometimes “blind”, and sometimes for the money,” he added.

Aksenov called Crimean, and above all journalists, bloggers, representatives of public organizations and authorities, to be very careful to distinguish between constructive criticism of the government from information stuffing.

“Their goal is clear: to destabilize the situation on the Peninsula ahead of the presidential election, to sow discord in the multinational Crimean community, ignite passion, to discredit Russia and to question our historical choice. For this purpose, any reasons, any rumors,” – said the head of the Crimea.