Lavrov called the desecration of Eternal fire in Kiev blasphemy against European values

MOSCOW, November 7. /TASS/. Desecrating the Eternal flame in the Park of Glory in Kiev is unacceptable blasphemy against all European values. This was stated on Tuesday the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

“This is blasphemy, blasphemy is unacceptable, which goes against all European values, against the principles which underpin the UN, and these things, unfortunately, associated with the desecration of monuments to the great Patriotic war in Ukraine – are not uncommon,” – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

Lavrov added that “this shows the failure of the regime in Kiev to reason with the ultra-radicals, neo-Nazis, who feel very comfortable feel in today’s Ukraine”.

“By the way, let’s not forget that this group of radicals, extremists organized a coup in February 2014, in violation of the agreement, which was signed by European countries – France, Germany, Poland, the Minister noted. And it is these radicals also arranged a massacre, a pogrom in Odessa, in several other cities, and all these crimes remain uninvestigated, whilst the same Council of Europe created a special structure in order to understand what happened on the Maidan and 2 may in Odessa in 2014.”

“Still no results of the investigation that lead Ukrainian authorities and, as such, investigations that are accompanied by reputable European organization, we don’t see,” drew attention Lavrov.

“I think that in addition to cases in the OSCE, the Council of Europe the relevant organs of the UN, we should be much more stringent with regard to what kind of line against Ukraine builds EU and NATO, he continued. – These structures are actively courting the current Ukrainian regime, and I think that when they proclaim proudly from Brussels that the Ukrainians needs to be opened the European choice, they probably should first look at how is ready to European standards, the values of the current Ukrainian regime.”

As the head of the Russian foreign Ministry, “at probably let them require respect for the norms of civilized behavior, and will require the Kiev authorities to curb the excesses of the neo-Nazi punks that tries to rule the roost in this country and dictate its will.”

While Lavrov said that the United States bear a special responsibility for the behavior of the Ukrainian authorities and pandering to neo-Nazis.

“I guess this is not for anybody a surprise, he said. – Special responsibility for the behavior of the Kiev authorities is to the United States of America, which, in fact, in the manual mode led by Kiev authorities”.

The military reform in Ukraine are solved by personal contacts of the leaders of the Verkhovna Rada with the US Ambassador in Kiev, Lavrov said.

“Leaked information that in the Parliament are preparing to debate a package of laws on military reform, he said. – So, questions about what should be the content of these reforms, which bills in this package that deserve support and which need to be put aside – these issues are dealt with personally at the contact of the US Ambassador with the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada”.

The Russian foreign Minister expressed hope that, “in addition to attempts through military reform to tighten Kiev in the NATO ranks, the United States will draw attention to the absolutely unacceptable behaviour of [Ukrainian] authorities, including their willingness to close their eyes and to provide impunity to criminals, who more and more feel at ease in Ukraine.”