Ex-Governor of the Pskov region Turchak elected Vice-speaker of the Federation Council

MOSCOW, 8 Nov.TASS/. A former Governor of the Pskov region Andrey Turchak on Wednesday at the Federation Council meeting he was elected Vice-speaker of the upper house of Parliament. His candidature was proposed by the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

According to Matvienko, in the house introduced another Deputy speaker, to take that and it was suggested that Turchak. Thus, Turchak became the sixth Deputy speaker of the Federation Council.

Matvienko presented at the meeting Turchak and handed him the sign of a member of the Federation Council. She noted that, according to article 17 of regulation, the Federation Council decides to increase the number of Vice-presidents of the chamber. “The decision to increase the number of Vice-speakers to six loading scenarios increases, it becomes more and more areas and formats of our work, increasing the burden on the members of the house, representative functions. I propose to elect another Vice-Chairman”, she said.

Great experience Manager


Matvienko made to the vote the candidature of Andrei Turchak, who, according to the speaker of the Federation Council, we could do a lot on a post of the Governor of the region. “I make a motion to elect the position of Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Andrey Anatolyevich Turchak. We have a lot of decent people, Andrey has returned to the Federation Council. He worked here for two years, then for eight years was Governor of the Pskov region, where over the years he has managed a lot to do,” – said Matvienko.

According to her, the situation in this “depressed area” “really changed for the better”. “He [Turchak] has gained a lot of experience, which is essential for the chamber of regions. Became a great leader of our ruling party. His election will allow him to entrust a number of the directions in which he could engage,” concluded Matvienko.

The discussion of the candidacy

Candidate Turchak has caused a lot of discussion. In particular, the Senator Lyudmila Narusova has expressed doubts about whether he will be able to combine without prejudice the work of the Deputy speaker and party functionary. “Two such positions, as the leadership of the party and Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council, require dedication, each of them a huge amount of work, and the combination of them is not good business. I think that our esteemed colleague should think about to focus on one thing,” said Narusova.

She also noted that the concept of the Council of the Federation of the chamber of regions, where “to defend the interests of the regions, not politics”, the fact that the Presidium of the Federation Council “will sit exclusively members of one party, inconsistent with the constitutional principle of a multiparty system and resembles the tendency to monopoly.”

Matvienko said that the Federation Council has no party membership, are all arranged on a different principle. “And who belongs to what party, I don’t personally know. Nobody cares, it’s a private matter of the Senator – during off hours to exercise their right of participation in political parties and movements. Someone regions send us, that we accept into our team, so the political affiliation of the Presidium in this case plays no role,” – said Matvienko.

According to her, Turchak should focus more on the work in the Federation Council. In response to this Turchak noted that “the Federation Council has always been a chamber of regions”. “I am confident that the experience that I gained as a Senator, Deputy and Governor, let me with the honor to perform the duties of the Vice President of the chamber”, – he stressed.

More places no

Turchak was elected Deputy speaker by secret ballot. “We will load as it should, for it don’t worry. I warn you, more of no, that’s the last we could find”, – said Matvienko.

The deputies of the Pskov regional Assembly of deputies on 2 November Turchak was elected Senator from the regional Parliament. On 27 October, the Committee on rules of the Council of Federation approved the early resignation of Alexander Borisov, who was represented in the upper house of Parliament, the legislature of the Pskov region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on 12 October, accepted the resignation of the Governor of the Pskov region Andrey Turchak at his own request and has appointed temporarily fulfilling duties of the head of the region Mikhail Vedernikov. Later the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, head of the party “United Russia”, was appointed Turchak, the acting Secretary of the General Council of the party.