Grushko said the lack of progress in relations between Russia and NATO

MOSCOW, 8 November. /TASS/. Progress in relations between Russia and NATO is no, although after two-year break managed to step up political dialogue and to resume military contacts. This was stated by the permanent representative of Russia to NATO Alexander Grushko in an interview to the newspaper “Izvestia”.

Grushko said that propaganda campaign did not prevent the briefings conducted by Russian and Belarusian military or the invitation of foreign observers to the teachings themselves. “There is a feeling of lack of apparent connection between the briefings, objective inspections, visits by the evaluation under the Vienna document observation flights under the open skies Treaty, other instruments of trust and political statements of representatives of some countries of the Alliance, he continued. – The propaganda bubble that was inflated around the exercise “Zapad-2017” to their conduct, trying to keep afloat today.

As suggested by Grushko, so the public is probably trying to prove the inevitability of the increase in military spending. “Judging by the rhetoric emanating from some Western capitals there are leaders who dream to get into the trenches of the cold war and to taste all the charm of being there,” he said.

The envoy added that the buildup of NATO forces in Eastern Europe creates the basis for power projection of the Alliance in the region, and Russia will be forced to consider these steps in military planning.

“In fact, is an endless chain of events, United by a common mission – to learn military theatre in CEE [Central and Eastern Europe], to create the capacity to project force,” he said.

Grushko noted that the US deployed in Europe on a rotating basis, armoured brigade and an army aviation brigade, placed on the stocks of weapons for ground brigades, announced plans to deploy Marines in Norway, continuing with plans to create the European segment of the missile defense system in Romania and Poland, and lead the development of joint nuclear missions with the participation of countries not possessing nuclear weapons. At the same time increased the frequency and scale exercises of the Alliance in the region.

“All the elements of the current equation that we have to take into account in our military planning – to ensure our defense in any possible turns, – continued the diplomat. – All you need to do this, we do.”