Grushko: NATO creates a new headquarters for the schemes of the cold war

BRUSSELS, 10 Nov. /TASS/. The new structure of NATO’s military command created by the schemes during the cold war. This was stated by Russian journalists, Russia’s permanent representative to NATO Alexander Grushko, commenting on the results of the meeting of defense Ministers of the Alliance at which a decision was made to proceed with the creation of two new headquarters to ensure the security of Maritime routes between the United States and Europe in the North Atlantic and to coordinate the transfer of power and resources in Europe.

“Today it is clear that developing such solutions, apparently, NATO members were inspired in the schemes of the cold war. North Atlantic command is a conditional title, is a replica of the command, which existed until 2002 and was responsible for the redeployment of American forces from the U.S. to Europe, the protection and defense of appropriate marine communications, engaged in the organization of anti-submarine warfare and in General all issues associated with ensuring the speed and security of such gains”, he said.

“As for the second command, which will deal with the movement of the forces and means directly on the European territory, this theme repeatedly and at different angles was discussed in NATO. Much has been said about the need to create within the Alliance military, the so-called Schengen, which involves the creation of a legal regime and logistics conditions, allowing to freely move not only the personnel, but also equipment, logistical elements, and thus ensure the responsiveness of the NATO deployments in all directions”, he continued.

“If we talk about the military consequences of these steps, of course, will have to see how these decisions will be finalized at the next meeting of defense Ministers in February of next year,” – said Grushko.

According to Grushko, the confrontation with Russia is at the centre of all efforts of NATO’s adaptation capabilities.

“It is obvious that, although the adaptation of NATO’s military capabilities are argued the need to counter threats from all azimuths, not to mention that, of course, in the center of these efforts is the challenge of confrontation with Russia”, – he stressed.