The COP recognized the constitutionality of the coordination meetings of deputies with citizens in a rally

SAINT PETERSBURG, 10 Nov. /TASS/. The constitutional court declared unconstitutional the matching requirement of meetings of deputies with citizens in the form of a rally. At the same time for meetings, meeting coordination is not required, it is reported the press service of the COP.

“From the existing list of forms of public events suitable to achieve them [MPs] goals are just meeting and rally, and only the latter requires approval”, – stated in the message.

This COP made an unscheduled public meetings with MPs on the initiative of citizens, it emphasizes the inadmissibility of arbitrary refusal to agree on meetings with MPs. The authorities are obliged to offer in case of refusal in the coordination of the event an alternative site or time of the meeting.

“Representatives of the Executive authorities can only offer another place another time if it is necessary for safety, protection of public order. Only the alternatives, but there are no restrictions,” said the judge Nikolay Bondar. While the COP noted that the implementation of the law should be carried out in compliance with the “reasonable constitutional rights of the opposition.”

“One of the important issues raised by the deputies was, wouldn’t that infringe on the rights of the deputies of the opposition, given the fact that some issues of such meetings should be coordinated with the Executive authorities”, – the Cooper noted.

“Our constitutional legal interpretation aimed at ensuring equality of opportunity of deputies of all levels and belonging to all political parties from the point of view of their real opportunities for holding meetings with their voters”, – he stressed.


As noted by the judge, the COP, the matching requirement does not apply to meetings of deputies in the form of a meeting. Also no need to coordinate meetings with voters in premises specially designated areas and on the areas.

While such places should be reserved in each village and meet “the requirements of territorial accessibility”.

However, the meeting on such sites, according to the position of the COP can also fall under the law on public events, if they are to grow into rallies.

“But if the meeting in the areas it grows into a rally that is prevalent in nature acquire calls with socio-political content, in this case it will be the meeting at which the legislation on public events,” said Cooper.


The reason for the proceedings was the appeal of the deputies of the Duma fractions of the Communist party, LDPR, “Fair Russia”. They tried to challenge the law, which came into force on 18 June 2017. According to this document, the parliamentarians are obliged to notify the authorities and the police to hold meetings with voters in the form of public events.

According to the applicants, the document actually obliges them to negotiate with officials meetings with citizens, which violates the constitutional rights of voters to smooth communication with parliamentarians.