Putin and trump said that the conflict in Syria has no military solution

Da NANG /Vietnam/, November 11. /TASS/. The conflict in Syria has no military solution, said in the joint statement of presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump endorsed them on the sidelines of the APEC summit in da Nang.

“The presidents agreed that the conflict in Syria has no military solution, and they confirmed that the final political settlement of the conflict must be found within the framework of the Geneva process in accordance with Security Council resolution UN 2254”, – the document says.

The presidents of Russia and the United States “agreed to maintain the existing military channels of communication to ensure the safety of the armed forces of the United States and Russia, as well as prevent dangerous incidents involving forces partners, leading the fight against ISIS (the terrorist group “Islamic state” banned in Russia – approx. TASS)”.

Putin and the tramp “confirmed that these efforts will continue until the final defeat of ISIS”.

“They expressed satisfaction with the successful efforts of the U.S. and Russia on more effective prevention of dangerous incidents between U.S. and Russian military, which allowed to significantly increase the loss of ISIS on the battlefield in recent months”, – the document says.

The presidents of Russia and the United States reaffirmed their commitment to the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria.

Zone of de-escalation in Syria

The presidents of Russia and the United States reaffirmed the importance of the existence of zones of de-escalation in Syria.

“President Putin and President of the trump confirmed the importance of areas of de-escalation as a temporary measure to decrease violence in Syria, the implementation of the agreements on the cessation of hostilities, improve unhindered humanitarian access and create conditions for a final political settlement of the conflict”, – said in a statement. It is noted that the heads of state discussed the implementation of the decision on the establishment of the South-Western area of de-escalation in Syria, which was reached during their previous meeting on July 7 in Hamburg.

“Today, the presidents also welcomed the Memorandum of principles signed between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Russian Federation and the United States of America in Amman (Jordan) on 8 November. This Memorandum reinforces the success of the initiative of the ceasefire [in the area of de-escalation in the South-West of Syria], including the reduction and ultimately the removal of foreign troops and foreign fighters from the area in order to ensure a more durable peace,” – said in a joint statement.

Monitoring compliance with agreements on cease-fire will continue to implement Umansky monitoring center with participation of experts from Jordan, Russia and the United States, the document says.

In addition, the presidents of the Russian Federation and the United States “discussed the continuing need to reduce human suffering in Syria and called upon all States – UN members to increase their contributions to meet humanitarian needs over the coming months.”

The leaders also called on all Syrian parties “to take an active part in the Geneva political process and to support efforts aimed at ensuring its success.”

Putin and trump said the recent statement of President Bashar al-Assad’s commitment to the Geneva process, constitutional reform and elections in accordance with UN security Council resolution 2254. According to the text of the joint statement, the leaders reaffirmed that “these steps assume the full implementation of UN security Council resolution 2254, including constitutional reform and free and fair elections supervised by the United Nations in compliance with the highest international standards of transparency and accountability, while giving all Syrians, including members of the Diaspora the right to participate in them”.