The Russian foreign Ministry called the inappropriate attacks of the head of the UN and the OPCW in Russia

MOSCOW, November 11. /TASS/. The Russian foreign Ministry called the inappropriate attacks of the head of the Joint UN and OPCW (CMP) Edmond Mulet, to Russia, contained in his interview to the newspaper The New York Times of 9 November. This was reported on Saturday on the Ministry website.

“We believe that their tone and, more importantly, being admitted into Russia attacks it is impermissible for an international official of such level In the course held at the initiative of Mr. Edmond Mulet, on 7 September in the Moscow consultations and subsequent contact with our diplomats in new York no one from the Russian side tried to impose on the Mechanism of any suit Russia insights. In fact, in response to a formal request from the leadership of the CMP was announced only considerations about how best to organize the work Mechanism taking into account the previously committed in the investigation of failures”, – said in a commentary the Russian foreign Ministry.

As stressed in the Russian Department, the main recommendation “was to act in strict accordance with the standards of the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons”. “This primarily involves the sending of experts as to the place of highincidence in Khan Sheyhun and shayrat air base with the purpose of sampling and determining all the circumstances of this high profile case to identify the perpetrators of this crime”, – said the Minister. However, according to the report, the head of the CAW chose to conduct remote investigation, actually banned all inflicted visit shirt experts to conduct sampling and focused on the rationale previously articulated by the United States and other Western countries version inflicted on the alleged Syrian air force air strike using chemical weapons.

“Under this output were fitted assembled Mechanism facts. All other possible scenarios in the report SMR indicated formally and virtually ignored, including a version of the staged nature of highincidence in Khan Sheyhun,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry, noting the “low, from a professional point of view” level of the report and the complete failure of his main conclusion about the alleged guilt of Damascus in the use of sarin.

“The relevant Russian specialists is clearly demonstrated with facts and figures in hand during an interagency briefing at the foreign Ministry on November 2 In any case, we believe that the estimates of Russian experts should be the subject of serious consideration. They really are objective, because, in contrast to the report of SMR are based on the laws of physics, ballistics and technical analysis”, – emphasized in the comments.