In the state Duma said that the amendment registered as foreign agents will not affect the media with foreign subscribers

MOSCOW, November 14. /TASS/. The amendments on the media-registered as foreign agents will not affect the Russian media who get money from foreign subscribers. This was stated on Tuesday, Deputy Secretary of General Council of “United Russia”, member of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Sergei Zheleznyak.

“Russian media, like any other reader, listener, or viewer of foreign media, with a paid subscription to the proceedings, cannot influence the activities of the foreign media in contrast to its shareholders or sponsors. Therefore, the Russian media cannot be considered as foreign agents in the payment of subscription to foreign media reports, there are no reasons for worries,” said Zheleznyak following a press conference in TASS, dedicated to intervention in the internal Affairs of Russia.

Foreign media may be recognized as performing functions of a foreign agent if it receives funds from foreign States, their state bodies, international and foreign organisations, foreign citizens. It should be prepared in the state Duma the project of amendments, which is expected to contribute to the second reading of the draft law on extrajudicial blocking of websites is prohibited or undesirable in the Russian Federation organizations.

“A legal entity registered in a foreign state or a foreign structure without forming a legal entity distributing is intended for an unlimited circle of persons printing, audio-, audiovisual and other messages and materials, can be recognized as foreign mass media acting as foreign agent, regardless of their legal form if they awarded funds and (or) other property from foreign States, their state bodies, international and foreign organisations, foreign citizens, persons without citizenship or their authorized persons receiving monetary means and other property from the specified sources”, – stated in the document, a copy of which is at TASS.

“In the manner prescribed by the authority, to a foreign media can be applied the provisions of the Federal law on NGOs concerning the legal status of NGOs acting as foreign agents, with the exception of the special provisions that apply only to organizations created in the form of NGOs,” reads the amendment, which is planned to amend the law on mass media. “The foreign media, acting as a foreign agent, carries the rights and obligations provided by the law on NGOs for non-commercial organizations performing functions of a foreign agent”, – stated in it.