The Embassy of the Russian Federation: the subject of Moscow’s interference in elections in the United States is close to marginalization

WASHINGTON, November 15. /TASS/. The theme of “Russian interference” in the American presidential election of 2016, is close to obvious all of marginalization. This is stated in the statement of the Russian Embassy in Washington issued on Tuesday.

“Today’s confirmation of publication on the portal BuzzFeed. Citing the FBI report on the investigation into “suspicious” transfers of Russian Foreign Ministry, the foreign Ministry, our embassies around the world – “from Afghanistan to Nigeria.” “For the elections”. Referred to the servicing Embassy in Washington Citibank”, – said in a statement.

“We are not surprised that in the universe of the American mainstream Russia and the Russian Embassy in Washington have the sole purpose to undermine local democracy. Now BuzzFeed along with the FBI and Congress are investigating the transfers for which there is the Embassy and performs its functions in strict accordance with the Vienna Convention. In fact, with the assistance of Citibank, are investigating the activities of the Embassy. This is the new American norm,” said the Russian diplomatic mission.

“We have, by the way, to disappoint the “investigators”. Elections to the State Duma and presidential elections in Russia we will continue in accordance with our Constitution. Including for Russian citizens located abroad. Around the world, including in the United States,” assured the Embassy.

“If their organization will require additional funds, we will receive them from Moscow. Through Citibank or another Bank, legally. And reporters of BuzzFeed, we are even grateful for what they have uncovered another flagrant violation of basic norms on the treatment of local authorities foreign diplomatic missions. This attempt artificially to extend the Russian Embassy to the inter-dismantling the most shameful way failed”, – concluded there.

Article Buzzfeed

Earlier Tuesday, the Internet portal BuzzFeed made a statement that the FBI is studying data on remittances, the Russian foreign Ministry through Citibank, which was a note “to Finance the election campaign of 2016.” The publication says that the transfer of $30 thousand was allegedly sent to 3 August 2016 in the Russian Embassy in Washington and he was one of more than 60 such transfers, which are now studied by the FBI and several other agencies investigating attributed to Russian intervention in the U.S. presidential election. These banking transactions totaling approximately $380 thousand, passing through Citibank in the period from 3 August to 20 September 2016, was meant for the embassies in different countries – from Afghanistan to Niger, says BuzzFeed.

The publication also notes that on 18 September 2016, elections to the state Duma of the Russian Embassy in different countries have organized the work of polling stations for Russian citizens who were on the voting day abroad.