The state Duma has postponed the “may holidays” in mid-April, with the election of the President

MOSCOW, November 16. /TASS/. The state Duma has postponed the “may holidays” deputies mid-April due to the March presidential elections, then the upcoming procedures of the inauguration of the President and the appointment of the Prime Minister. Deputies approved its organization of work for the period from 9 January to 29 July at the additional meeting on Thursday.

As explained by the head of the Committee for control and regulation Olga Savastianova, the corresponding draft resolution had been prepared “taking into account the organization of the plenary and regional weeks of the upcoming elections [of the President] and vacation in two stages”. In the document the period from April 16 to 29, identified as “part of paid annual leave deputies of the state Duma”, also indicates that from 30 April to 6 may, we will work with voters in regions, and plenary sessions will resume on may 7.

It is planned that the last plenary meeting of the spring session will be held July 22 to officially go on summer vacations deputies will on July 29, after yet another regional weeks.

This is the first year the vacation of deputies was divided into two parts by extending the spring session.