Karasin did not rule out meeting Surkov and Volcker before the end of the year

PRAGUE, 16 Nov. /TASS/. New meeting of Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov and special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine, Kurt Volker, could take place before the end of this year. Such a possibility is not ruled out on Thursday in an interview with TASS the state Secretary, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Grigory Karasin.

“Meet Surkov and Volcker, which was held recently in Belgrade, not closed the possibility of further contacts, further discussion of prospects of settlement, the diplomat said. – I’m sure those contacts will continue and I would not rule out the possibility of holding a new meeting before the end of this year.”

The last meeting Surkov and Volcker on the peaceful settlement in the Donbass, took place on 13 November. It’s the American side presented their proposals on the draft resolution of the UN security Council regarding the deployment of the mission in the Donbass. As reported later, Surkov, they include the 29 paragraphs. According to the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, three of them Russian delegation “considered acceptable”. He also said that the parties “agreed to continue work on rapprochement of positions”.

Previous talks Surkov and Volker was held on October 7 in Belgrade, and on August 21 in Minsk.

Russia hopes for common sense of the West

Karasin also said that Moscow hopes common sense of the Western colleagues regarding the placement of the UN mission in the Donbass. “This is a difficult question, and the main difficulties related to the fact that Kyiv wants on impulse, thus breaking the existing Minsk agreement, dashing the need for dialogue with Donetsk and Lugansk, to solve everything in one fell swoop, the diplomat said. But such things are not solved in one fell swoop”.

“It is hard to imagine how the international community and, first of all, Russia can agree with the isolation of Donetsk and Lugansk with the help of some of the UN mission, said the official. – Hope for common sense of the West always present”. The diplomat recalled that the main purpose of proposals on the deployment of the UN mission in the Donbas – strengthening the protection of the current OSCE mission. “Today, however, often forget about it, start talking about some of the UN peacekeeping operation, he said. But these are different things, and we must be very careful in the formulation of these important provisions.”

“We will continue to promote their position and try to convince our Western partners that Kiev needs semantic support in some issues, Karasin said. This semantic support should be provided not only for the sake of it”.