Russia offered the UN security Council to return to consideration of a draft resolution on Syria

UN 17 Nov. /TASS/. Permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia on Thursday endorsed the proposal of Bolivia to return to the Security Council of the Russian-Chinese draft resolution on the investigation into chemical attacks in Syria. The corresponding request diplomat announced shortly after Moscow blocked an American draft resolution on extending the mandate of the Joint UN and the Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) to investigate the chemical attacks in Syria (CMP).

As stated by the sebenza, the basis of the text proposed by the United States, laying the wrong concept. “Nothing balanced in the American project was not” – he said. “Over the past weeks, we patiently explained that I can’t seriously consider the proposed concept. It was originally wrong, being aimed at strengthening systemic weaknesses in the work of the CMP and Mission of the OPCW fact-finding,” explained the diplomat. He also noted that countries that supported the us text, will be responsible for the termination of the investigation Commission, whose mandate expires at midnight new York time (08:00 GMT Friday).

Nebesa expressed confidence that the real purpose of the United States and their partners in making the text on the vote was to cast doubt on Russia’s role in the Syrian settlement.” He drew attention to the fact that this position was voiced in his speech, British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft. According to the Russian diplomat, the “slip and gave the main thing around which was conceived and hosted this show.” “The British envoy said that Russia has no place in the political process in Syria. That’s what had started all this unscrupulous story: questioning the role of Russia in the political process of Syrian settlement,” – said Nebenzia.

Earlier Thursday, the permanent representative of Bolivia, Sacha Llorenti the UN Security Council vote, the Russian-Chinese draft resolution on the extension of the work of the Commission for the investigation of chemical attacks in Syria.