Russian foreign Ministry: the responsibility for the termination of the mission, the OPCW-UN Syria lies with the United States

MOSCOW, November 17. /TASS/. Russia is ready for consultations on the situation around the Joint OPCW (Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons) and the UN investigating chemical attacks in Syria (CMP), but notes that the responsibility for the termination of the CMP lies with US. This was said in a Friday statement, the Russian foreign Ministry.

“The entire responsibility for the termination of the CMP rests with Washington and support its member States of the UN security Council, – stressed in the Ministry. – Russia is ready to consultations on the way out of the situation. We believe that the resumption of the activities of the structure dedicated to the investigation of cases of use of chemical weapons in Syria, would be justified and even necessary only when extracting the right lessons from the negative experience of the Mechanism and its substantial gain”.

The foreign Ministry also said that calls US to preserve the Joint mechanism of the OPCW hypocritical. “On November 16 in the discussion in the UN security Council the question about the future of the Joint investigations of the OPCW-UN USA and their supporters blocked made Bolivia the text of the Russian-Chinese draft resolution on renewing and strengthening the mandate of this structure, – the document says. – As a result of such irresponsible actions, the Mechanism established more than two years ago in order to establish the perpetrators of chemical crimes in Syria, today ceases to exist”.

“It became apparent that the loud calls of American representatives to the UN to extend the mandate were quite hypocritical in nature, – noted in the foreign Ministry. – Washington didn’t need the extension and strengthening of the CMP and its preservation in unchanged form as a tool to achieve national targets in Syria his foreign policy.”

The United States blocked the elimination of deficiencies

As was stated in Moscow, blocked the project was aimed “to eliminate the fundamental shortcomings in the work of the CMP and to bring its activities more in line with the high standards of the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons (CWC)”.

“The implementation of the envisaged in this paper would make the structure a truly independent, objective and professional in nature, that still it is clearly not enough, – said in Russian depodesta. – In the project, among other things, provided for the instruction of the UN Secretary General to submit to the security Council with practical recommendations for strengthening the Mechanism. Such a prospect is categorically unacceptable for the United States and its Western allies”.

A set of guilty verdicts

On Smolensk square recalled that all of this was preceded by a statement on the vote of the us draft resolution aimed “at the conservation of all identified flawed working methods, without any attempts to remove them.”

“This was motivated by the “inadmissibility of interference in the work of the independent mechanism,” which, they say, to determine what to do without regard to the UN security Council, the CWC, the international norms, rules and standards, – said in a statement. – This approach has led to the fact that without any serious trial of SMR began to stamp guilty verdicts. The most striking example was his last, seventh report, which appeared at the end of October. In it, contrary to the objective facts, the laws of physics, ballistics and explosives responsible for the use of sarin in the Syrian Khan Sheyhun April 4 was unproven imposed on Damascus.”

Russian experts during a briefing at the foreign Ministry on 2 November on the basis of the specific facts and technical calculations showed the complete bankruptcy of the charges. “To refute the arguments of the Russian nobody and didn’t even try”, – noted in the Ministry.