Titov has proposed to move to a digital economy and a competitive growth model

MOSCOW, November 26. /TASS/. Authorized under the RF President on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights, Chairman of the Party of growth, Boris Titov, has announced his nomination for the presidency in his presidential election campaign will advocate for the development of the digital economy, the rejection of manual control large corporations, the transition from resource to competitive models of economic growth. This is stated in the software policy article published Sunday on the website of the growth and on the website of the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

“Today in Russia we have a problem and even a duty to the country, society and ourselves to change the country’s economy, to give it dynamics of development. We have to take this, because the government chooses a different path, the inertial rate and minimization efforts, and in fact relies on new rise in oil prices,” writes Titov.

In his opinion, such a policy “in the best case, can provide Russia not more than 2% per year GDP growth that is already lagging in the third tier of the world economy”. “And even if the oil and will last a couple of years at the current levels, then it is waiting for the inexorable fall. And that, in the absence of reforms, a national disaster – the road to the dustbin of world history,” says business Ombudsman.

Titov points out that “Stolypin club”, in which he holds the post of Chairman of the Presidium of offers, while using the existing “umbrella of commodity revenues”, to abandon the priority of macroeconomic stabilization, to stop seeing only “today” and begin to build “tomorrow”. “Instead of a “resource” to implement a new, “competitive” model of growth, to move away from manual management of hundreds of mega companies to the new economic policy: give business the freedom to develop private initiative, small and medium enterprises, to create modern industry and agriculture, to invest in the digital economy,” Titov provides.

However, he stressed that reforms can be successful only when the country has enjoyed social stability. “Ensuring such stability and stability when driving forward, is a political task. That is why, in spite of their own, we were forced to go into politics, and created the Party of growth, and are now engaged in a presidential campaign,” explains Titov.

Support for small and medium businesses

Also, as stated in the statement of Titov, which is available to TASS, Titov will participate in the elections of the head of state to represent the interests of small and medium-sized businesses, although understands that the undisputed favorite of the campaign will be, in the case of extension, Vladimir Putin.

“The decision about the nomination was the result of a rapid lively discussion and was not easy for us. We understand that the elections will be clear and indisputable favorite of Vladimir Putin,” said Titov in a statement.

However, notes the business Ombudsman, the Party of growth and he personally “was also dissatisfied with the fact that the upcoming election is not expressed the interests of a large group of entrepreneurs”.

Millions of people are employed in small and medium business, individual entrepreneurs, representatives of the IT economy have influential political office and therefore not able to influence the country development strategy, the decisions concerning their own fate,” writes Titov. In fact, according to him, every fourth or fifth Russian, but it is so much involved in the business, deprived of the opportunity to Express their fundamental economic and social interests.

“The candidate of the growth goes to the polls to in the first place, to represent and protect these people. Economic freedom, the most favourable conditions for small and medium-sized businesses, an independent judiciary, guarantee of ownership, decriminalization of economic activities, and that’s what I go to elections,” – said Titov.

At the same time entrepreneurs is not the only part of the population, which will appeal Titov during the campaign, because “in the Russian society as a whole formed a powerful demand for change”. “It is the desire of the evolutionary and peaceful, but profound socio-economic transformations in the interests of the whole society”, – stressed the Chairman of the Party of growth.

A referendum of trust to the “growth Strategy”

As previously reported, Titov will participate in the elections with the program of economic reforms “growth Strategy”, developed together with an expert “Stolypin club” (Titov is it the Chairman of the Presidium).

“Participation in presidential elections is a great opportunity to convey this strategy to the whole country. Essentially, we want during the election campaign to hold a referendum of confidence “growth Strategy,” explains Titov.

He was confident that, if this programme is supported by the people, it must be implemented by the government.

Federal political Council of Party growth in the Sunday meeting in Abrau-Dyurso (Krasnodar Krai) decided to recommend to the Congress, which will take place in December, Titov put forward a presidential candidate. He will go to elections with the programme “growth Strategy” developed by “Stolypin club” – the expert platform for entrepreneurs and scientists-economists, headed by Titov. Presidential elections should pass on March 18, 2018, the election campaign officially starts in the period from 7 to 17 December.