Dmitry Medvedev’s interview with Russian TV channels. Online

The head of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev gives an interview to Russian TV channels.

Questions to the Prime Minister asking Valery Fadeev (channel one), Sergei BRILYOV (VGTRK), Irada Zeynalova (NTV), Michael Fishman (“Rain”) and Igor Poletaev (RBC).

During the tenth anniversary, “a Conversation with Dmitry Medvedev”, the Prime Minister traditionally sums up the year.

13:41:04 30.11.2017

At the end of the interview, the Prime Minister congratulated all with coming New year.

13:40:59 30.11.2017

Dmitry Medvedev considers himself happy because it is involved in work that he likes. Specific answer about his future employment, he did not give.

13:37:59 30.11.2017

Medvedev has called the most difficult and unique challenge to the government concurrent with the fall in oil prices the imposition of sanctions against Russia.

13:34:53 30.11.2017

The Prime Minister urged deputies to consider the question of toughening of responsibility for non-execution of court decisions.

13:33:04 30.11.2017

Dmitry Medvedev does not intend to comment on or to sue Alexei Navalny. “The more you comment on blockheads and impostors, the more they spin,” said he.

13:29:31 30.11.2017

Medvedev himself does not see himself as a candidate in presidents of Russia.

13:28:23 30.11.2017

The question of the candidates will be decided very soon, Medvedev said.

13:27:04 30.11.2017

Responding to a question about candidates for the presidential election in 2018, Medvedev said that United Russia will support the candidacy of Vladimir Putin, if he decides to participate in the election campaign.

13:25:50 30.11.2017

He noted that in Russia there are problems of doping, but they do not cast doubt on the results of the Olympiad in Sochi in 2014, the victory was fair.

13:24:56 30.11.2017

According to Medvedev, all this is political manipulation.

13:24:28 30.11.2017

The next question on the situation with doping in sport and investigations against Russian athletes.

13:24:03 30.11.2017

He hoped that the reason the EU will prevail, and gas projects with Russian participation will be implemented.

13:23:28 30.11.2017

The latest package of sanctions against Russia intended to restrict deliveries of Russian gas to Europe, Medvedev said.

13:20:41 30.11.2017

According to the Prime Minister, from the politics of the Washington establishment suffers a US business, and society, and trump.

13:20:40 30.11.2017

According to Medvedev, a chance to improve relations Russia and the United States is always there, the main thing – to begin cooperation on the most important topics.

13:17:34 30.11.2017

Medvedev has described trump as a benevolent, wants the establishment of normal contacts to perceive a political figure.

13:15:57 30.11.2017

“What kind of man is he?” – asked Sergey Brilev, referring to the President of the United States Donald trump.

13:15:01 30.11.2017

This interview lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes, reminded Sergey Brilev.

13:14:50 30.11.2017

Medvedev stressed that Russia is protected from cyber threats is not worse than other countries.

13:14:44 30.11.2017

The Prime Minister said that the accusations against Russia about the alleged state run hackers funny in the modern world, he said, “all climb all of them.”

13:10:10 30.11.2017

Medvedev believes that Russia has a chance to keep pace with global technological development, but “we need to drop in the ongoing and accelerating the train.”

13:06:22 30.11.2017

The government will help the regions solve the problem of debt, but the heads of the subjects must behave responsibly, said the Prime Minister.

13:00:55 30.11.2017

Medvedev said that the General trend for the rotation of the gubernatorial corps is correct, the new regional leaders have had a good start to work.

13:00:10 30.11.2017

Question Mikhail Fishman focuses on the recent changes in the regions.

12:58:15 30.11.2017

Medvedev considers it important to invest in logistics capabilities for efficient transport of grain.

12:57:07 30.11.2017

The harvest of grain and leguminous crops in Russia for the year amounted to 140 million tons, they need to properly dispose of, said Medvedev, answering a question about Igor Poletaev grain.

12:53:48 30.11.2017

The amount of funds allocated annually to INVL is 0.5 trillion rubles., need to monitor their proper use, said Medvedev.

12:52:55 30.11.2017

“It is necessary to restore order in the pharmaceutical market”, – said Medvedev.

12:52:33 30.11.2017

It is very important that the drugs themselves were quality, and sold at affordable prices, said the head of the Cabinet.

12:50:21 30.11.2017

We do not handle the full price of drugs, but we maintain the equilibrium of prices, said Medvedev. State control in this sphere must be constant and hard, said the Prime Minister.

12:49:38 30.11.2017

Valery Fadeev turned to the topic of drug prices.

12:46:59 30.11.2017

The case of the “Seventh Studio” Medvedev called resonance.

12:43:57 30.11.2017

Our creative professionals right in saying that the legislation in this sphere is imperfect, Medvedev said. The law on public procurement in relation to the creative sector often faltering, added the Prime Minister.

12:42:54 30.11.2017

Mikhail Fishman went on to discuss, in particular, the case of the “Seventh Studio”.

12:41:41 30.11.2017

The government plans to allocate additional funds for the establishment of a system of electronic communication between medical centers of different levels.

12:40:07 30.11.2017

According to Medvedev, it is necessary to introduce an electronic reporting form.

12:39:48 30.11.2017

Medvedev said that the reporting should be reasonable, but not extraordinary.

12:38:18 30.11.2017

Irada Zeynalova remember the expression “stop scaring business”, noting that “nightmare the social sphere.” According to her, we are talking about the problems of teachers, doctors, etc., associated in particular with the preparation of many papers.

12:37:12 30.11.2017

In the future need to gradually abandon the contracts of shared construction, said the Prime Minister. According to him, this is the legacy of an underdeveloped market.

12:34:13 30.11.2017

Valery Fadeyev poses the question on the situation with the deceived shareholders.

12:33:27 30.11.2017

Our financial system is the result of what happened in the last two or three years, has strengthened, said Medvedev.

12:30:38 30.11.2017

Question Igor Poletaev on the work of the financial system.

12:29:46 30.11.2017

Medvedev did not rule out future changes in the payment of personal income tax, including the introduction of benefits for the poor.

12:28:36 30.11.2017

No decisions about changing the personal income tax currently is not, Medvedev said. The flat rate personal income tax was very successful, it was worth it, said the Prime Minister.

12:27:35 30.11.2017

Sergei Brilev asks a question about taxes. “My favorite issue,” he said.

12:26:26 30.11.2017

He also said that the indexation of pensions in January will be higher than inflation, at 3.7%. She is already scheduled, it is allocated money.

12:26:13 30.11.2017

“The money is there, all will be paid”, – said Medvedev.

12:24:55 30.11.2017

The Pension Fund all in order, money to pay pensions there will be no problems, said Dmitry Medvedev.

12:24:17 30.11.2017

Irada Zeynalova asks a question about pensions, noting that asks about it “from year to year.”

12:22:20 30.11.2017

In addition, Medvedev stressed that the allowance to families for the birth of the first child is targeted.

12:21:45 30.11.2017

Vladimir Putin’s proposal on the extension of the maternity capital program till 2021 Dmitry Medvedev called the long-awaited decision.

12:19:47 30.11.2017

Medvedev stressed the principle of targeting in addressing the issue of poverty. He acknowledged that the social system of Russia is not quite fair.

12:18:09 30.11.2017

Poverty is one of the most pressing issues of our modern economy, Medvedev said. He noted that it is important to take real steps to combat it.

12:17:53 30.11.2017

Igor Poletaev asked about the situation of poverty in the country.

12:15:04 30.11.2017

Medvedev urged to increase the share of non-oil revenues from the current 60% to 80-85%.

12:13:44 30.11.2017

Answering the question of Mikhail Fishman, Dmitry Medvedev said that the Russian economy has not exhausted the possibilities for growth. However, he noted that its structure is still strongly focused on hydrocarbons.

12:11:16 30.11.2017

The Prime Minister assured that before the New year of the collapse of the ruble will not.

12:09:53 30.11.2017

Dmitry Medvedev has advised to keep savings in rubles.

12:09:12 30.11.2017

Medvedev said that the ruble stable, noting that he is under the influence of external factors, but not as much as a few years ago.

12:08:28 30.11.2017

The Prime Minister answers the question Irada Zeynalova on the exchange rate.

12:06:58 30.11.2017

Medvedev stressed that in 2017, fully implemented social commitments, despite the challenges and external pressures.

12:05:25 30.11.2017

Investments in fixed capital, according to Medvedev, at the end of the year will grow by more than 4%.

12:04:33 30.11.2017

Real wages of the population this year will grow by 3% and nominal – 7%.

12:03:44 30.11.2017

The growth of GDP by the end of 2017 will be about 2%.

12:03:18 30.11.2017

Medvedev stressed that Russia’s economy has entered a stage of growth.

12:03:01 30.11.2017

The Prime Minister said that this year will be a record low inflation.

12:02:27 30.11.2017

The first question to Dmitry Medvedev asked Sergey Brilev. It concerns the economic situation in the country.

11:56:12 30.11.2017

In the past year as part of “a Conversation with Dmitry Medvedev” discussed the results of the elections to the state Duma, corruption scandals, doping in sport and relations with the United States. The interview lasted about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

11:55:02 30.11.2017

Dmitry Medvedev has arrived in the Ostankino television center.

11:53:02 30.11.2017

In 2009 and 2010 issues, Medvedev asked the leaders of the First channel, “Russia” and NTV – Konstantin Ernst, Oleg Dobrodeyev and Vladimir Kulistikov.

11:50:00 30.11.2017

First communication of Dmitry Medvedev with journalists in this format was held on 24 December 2008. Then, as President, he summed up the year with a lot of kleimenova (First channel) and Dmitry Kiselyov (VGTRK) and Tatyana Mitkova (NTV). That interview was aired in the record, all of the following went live.