Told Medvedev in interview to the Russian TV channels

Thursday, November 30, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev the tenth time has summed up year in interview to the Russian TV channels.

Questions the Prime Minister asked Sergei BRILYOV (VGTRK), Valery Fadeev (First channel), Irada Zeynalova (NTV), Igor Poletaev (RBC) and Michael Fishman (“Rain”).

“A conversation with Dmitry Medvedev” lasted about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Key statements by the Prime Minister at the TASS.

“The economy has entered a stage of growth”

  • “Today we can attest to the fact that the economy has entered the growth stage, in General, the changes that have occurred in the economy, is quite favorable,” – said Dmitry Medvedev.
  • According to him, GDP growth for the year will amount to about 2%.
  • Inflation will be below 3% – a record figure, said the Prime Minister.
  • Investment in fixed capital will grow by more than 4%.
  • The Prime Minister noted that the Russian economy has not exhausted the possibilities for growth.
  • “Equally important, maybe more important problem, of course, is the structure of our economy, which is still largely focused on hydrocarbon growth,” he added.
  • Medvedev urged to increase the share of non-oil revenues from the current 60% to 80-85%.
  • Real wages of the population, according to Medvedev, at the end of the year will grow by 3%, the nominal size will increase by 7%.
  • The ruble is now, as Prime Minister, is stable. Expect hesitation before the New year is not necessary. Savings Medvedev advised to store in roubles.
  • Russia’s financial system is in a stable condition, including due to the successful decisions of the Central Bank, said the Prime Minister.
  • The Cabinet may consider the complexity of the personal income tax scale, including through the introduction of benefits for the poor. He stressed that the flat rate personal income tax is justified.
  • The Prime Minister noted the increase in the share of the domestic machine tool industry in the economy of the Russian Federation.
  • Russia, according to Medvedev, could be back among the leaders of the world technological development, “but we can not linger”.
  • The most difficult and unique challenge for the government, according to Medvedev, – simultaneous with the fall in oil prices the imposition of sanctions against Russia.

“Money for pensions is”

  • Dmitry Medvedev stressed that the money for pensions is in full, there will be no problems.
  • Indexation of pensions by 3.7% in January 2018.
  • Money indexing have already been allocated.
  • The Prime Minister stressed that in 2017 the state fulfilled all social obligations to the population.
  • According to him, the goal is the welfare of citizens is the primary goal.
  • The head of the Cabinet admitted that social system of Russia is not entirely fair and needs improvement targeting.
  • Medvedev has called poverty “one of the most glaring problems” of the Russian economy.

“It is important that the preparations were good, and reasonably cheap”

  • According to Medvedev, the state control over the prices of drugs should be regular and hard.
  • According to the Prime Minister, the amount of funds allocated for vital and essential drugs annually is 0.5 trillion rubles.
  • Medvedev added that it is also very important to monitor assortment in pharmacies, to avoid situations where on the shelves is an expensive item, but cheap no.
  • He also stated the need to restore order in the pharmaceutical market, especially in terms of import substitution to reduce the cost of drugs for the Russian consumers.
  • “It is very important that the preparations were good, and reasonably cheap, so they were sold at a reasonable for men prices,” – said Medvedev.
  • The Prime Minister noted that the Cabinet plans to send dopsredstv on the establishment of a system of electronic communication between medical centers of different levels, enterprises can share data about patients in electronic form.
  • The availability of medical care should be associated with the use of modern technologies, Medvedev said.
  • According to the head of the government, reporting in the field of health and education should be reasonable, not prohibitive, you need a transition to electronic forms.

“Gradually the need to withdraw from the shared construction”

  • Dmitry Medvedev said the need to gradually withdraw from the equity-building “in a normal, civilized mortgage.”
  • In his opinion, the system of contracts of shared construction, which is now in the country, “the legacy of underdeveloped housing market” and “a vestige of the past era”.

“To help the regions still need”

  • The Prime Minister believes the right trend to update governors.
  • He noted that new governors in the regions visited by him, “a good fit”.
  • According to Medvedev, the government will help the regions solve the problem of debt, but also the heads of regions must behave responsibly. “To help the regions still have, despite the Federal character of the state. We bear responsibility, I mean the Federal government, for the economic mechanisms in the regions,” he said.

“We are against the use of doping”

  • Doping scandals have become the basis for the promotion of anti-Russian campaign and a tool of political pressure, said Medvedev.
  • “Our position on doping remains the same and unambiguous. We are against the use of doping, we have some problems and we’ll deal with it, which in any case casts doubt upon the brilliant result of the Russian Federation at the winter Olympics [in Sochi]. It was fair and absolutely objective victory, it was achieved through the efforts of our athletes and support in Sochi”, – said the Prime Minister.
  • He noted that the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory and the informant WADA Gregory Rodchenkov “we need first of all mental health care, and no other”.

“The system of public procurement in relation to the theatres should be more loyal”

  • The Prime Minister agreed with the representatives of creative professions, saying that the legislation on public procurement is imperfect as applied to the theaters, to film production etc.
  • “The system of public procurement in relation to the theatres should be more loyal. But we can’t allow another situation: I’m going to make a film, I need 5 million rubles, give me all in cash because I will not be able to pay off participants in the film in another way,” – said Medvedev.
  • Commenting on the case against the “Seventh Studio”, the main defendant is the Director Kirill Serebrennikov, the Prime Minister expressed hope that the investigating authorities and judicial structures will be able to understand. The case he described is very resonant.

“Better not cyberwar, and cybercommunist”

  • The accusations against the Russian authorities in support of hacker attacks abroad ridiculous, it’s a “corny song”, which in some countries is used for the solution of internal political problems, says Medvedev.
  • Joining efforts of different countries in the fight against cyber threats Prime Minister has called the problem on a global scale. “Of course, it is not cyber warfare, and cybercommunist what we, by the way, all the time call on our partners in different countries,” he said.

“We lived under sanctions”

  • Dmitry Medvedev called President of the United States Donald trump is friendly politician.
  • According to the Prime Minister, the atmosphere in relations between Russia and the United States is “disgusting.” “She is the worst for that whole period that I remember, but I remember another meeting of Leonid Brezhnev with the various presidents of the United States. And this, of course, very bad,” he concluded.
  • As he noted, the decline in Russian-American cooperation does not benefit anyone, including US representatives, ranging from businessmen to the President.
  • The Prime Minister noted that the chance to improve relations Russia and the USA there is always important to begin by working on key topics.
  • Medvedev is sure that the latest package of sanctions against Russia intended to restrict deliveries of Russian gas to Europe.
  • “We lived under sanctions, and now our partners want these sanctions to make a durable,” he stressed.
  • However, Medvedev remains optimistic: “We have learned to do it, we have learned all these difficulties to overcome, something that we were even helped.”
  • The Prime Minister expressed the hope that the reason the EU will prevail and gas projects with Russian participation will be implemented.

“I will serve Russia”

  • Dmitry Medvedev does not see himself as a candidate for the presidency, but stressed that it will continue to work.
  • He also said that he considers himself lucky as he’s doing what he likes.
  • “I will serve Russia. It is because I not only like the work I was engaged in throughout his working life, I just like to live and work in the Russian Federation”, – said the Prime Minister.
  • Medvedev heads United Russia, also said that the party will undoubtedly support the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, if he decides to participate in the elections in 2018.
  • He noted that the situation with the candidates for the presidency will be resolved very soon.