In the “United Russia” will revive the party school

TASS, 2 Dec. “United Russia” will revive the party studies, including for the effective work of party members in social networks. This was announced Saturday by acting Secretary General Council of United Russia Andrei Turchak at the conference of the Tatarstan branch of the party in Kazan.

“About the social network we talk a lot, this work that we need to learn everything. So we are reviving the system of party study, which was in the “United Russia” in 2007-2008 and has proven its efficiency”, – he said.

Turchak explained that it is not only education secretaries and heads of Executive committees, but also activists. “We are talking about multi-level training with specific modules that will provide the regional dimension, the exchange of best practices and the best will be invited to training modules in Moscow”, – he said.

“We will not revive the higher party school, but intend to pay school lot of attention,” – said the representative of the leadership of United Russia.