Vladimir Putin will run for a new presidential term

MOSCOW, 6 Dec. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ended months of political intrigue, he announced his intention to run in 2018 for another presidential term. With the very important statement he made at a meeting with veterans and workers of the automobile plant GAZ in Nizhny Novgorod. The party “United Russia”, with its absolute majority of seats in the Russian Parliament, welcomed the decision of Putin, and has announced its willingness to fully support him.

The mandate of the current presidential mandate, Putin will expire may 7, 2018.

The applause

“Really, the best place and the best occasion for the announcement about it, probably not. Thank you for the support, I’ll nominate his candidacy for the office of President of the Russian Federation”, – Putin said, referring to the workers of Nizhny Novgorod automobile plant.

The words of the head of state was greeted with applause. “Thank you for this response,” – thanked Putin. “Thank you for your work, attitude to the country,” he continued. “I am sure that all of us will succeed”, – stressed the President.

Earlier that day, responding during the award ceremony “Volunteer of Russia 2017” to the question about the possibility of his nomination, the Russian leader said: “It’s always for any person a very important decision, because motive in the decision can only be the desire to improve the lives of people in our country to make the country more powerful, protected, and looking to the future. And to achieve these goals is possible only under one condition – if the people trust and support”. “In this regard I have a question for you, – Putin addressed the participants of the ceremony – if I will make that decision, you and the people close to you in spirit to support this decision?” Hall said the head of state in a loud and unanimous “Yes.”

During all previous presidential terms, Putin used a very broad support of the population, the credibility rating was always higher than 50%, and in recent years kept at more than 80%.

In recent months, the Russian leader has repeatedly asked about his future plans, however, whenever Putin replied that it would announce its decision “in good time”. While most observers agree that the current head of state given the high level of popular support is likely to decide to run for another term.

Support for United Russia

The party “United Russia” welcomes Putin’s decision to run for a new presidential mandate and will provide all the necessary support, said the acting Secretary General Council of United Russia Andrei Turchak.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, undoubtedly, today is the national leader, politician, supported by the vast majority of the population. And his decision to go to the polls – this was very good news,” said Turchak.

“Party “United Russia” naturally supports Vladimir Putin’s decision to go to the polls and will provide all necessary support,” he said, noting that the decision will be enshrined at the party Congress, which will be held on December 22-23 in Moscow.

Turchak has noticed that United Russia is “the party of the President,” Putin is not only the founder and “moral leader.” “And the number one task for us will be mobilizing our members and supporters [the presidential campaign],” added acting Secretary of the General Council of United Russia.

That Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who was President of the party will support the nomination of Putin for President in 2018, said the press Secretary of the head of the government Natalia Timakova. “Dmitry Medvedev clearly outlined his position in an interview on 30 November,” she said. “Then the Prime Minister said that he himself, as Chairman of the party “United Russia”, and in General the party “United Russia” will support the candidacy of Vladimir Putin for President of Russia”, – said Timakova.

According to one of the leaders of United Russia, Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, Putin’s decision to run for another term is important for the future of the country. “I’m glad. A huge number of people in our country feel that we have a future”, – said Volodin.

According to the speaker of the state Duma, Putin’s decision to participate in elections “it is important for the country”: “Putin, we grew the welfare of citizens. Whatever problems came into the country, the President effectively solved. In foreign policy, the enormous progress: the country began to respect, came to be considered – it is also to his credit. The decision to go on the next term gives us hope and confidence that in the future we will follow the path of development.”

The faction “United Russia” expect Putin’s decision to run for the presidential election in 2018 and maintains it, announced it on Wednesday to journalists the leader of the Duma United Russia Sergey Neverov.

“We waited, worked, met, and completed the course that was outlined by our President. And now with more energy will do to support [Putin],” he said.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] is a real national leader of the country, people treat him with great respect, he has a large support of the population. It is a guarantee that the program which he plans to implement in the new presidential term, if elected, will draw on the support of the people”, – said the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

The headquarters of the national

Russian popular front (onf) will serve as the national headquarters of Putin during the election campaign, told reporters the head of the Executive Committee of the popular front Alexey Anisimov. “Activists of the popular front, presidential movement, waiting for this decision. We always remained the national headquarters and will continue this interesting and responsible work during the election campaign,” he said.

Russia has chosen the right course, “the proof is the consistently high support for the President by the people,” said co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the onf, the head of the Duma Committee on culture Stanislav Govorukhin.

According to him, under existing conditions, Putin’s decision to go for a new term deserves respect. “Personally and on behalf of the popular front want to say that from our side will be given any support,” – said Govorukhin. He stressed that the support will be provided not only Putin personally, but to the General course on development, stability, well-being, the safety of the citizens of Russia.

The President has not yet decided who will head his campaign headquarters. “I’ll think about it. Not yet”, – Putin said, answering a corresponding question of journalists.

The statement is served personally

The President announced his intention to run for another term, will have to personally bring to the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation required for the nomination papers, said TASS, the Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina. “The law says that once, i.e., on the nomination, the candidate comes in person in the Central electoral Commission,” she said. Next, reminded Grishina, candidate appoints its commissioners and Trustees who can represent him in the ensuing election procedures (including during the drawing of lots for allocation of free broadcast time and print space, identifying numbers in the Bulletin, on the debate).

By the way, in the debate, said Grishin, the Russian leader did not participate: “the Law says that in a nationwide television and radio debates, the candidate involved personally, except when he is unable to participate for a valid reason, including due to execution of duties. Then instead can participate confidants”.

Putin also did not will be required to take leave during the election campaign. The law “On elections of the President of the Russian Federation” obliges candidates working on state or municipal service, as well as in the media, to take a vacation from the date of registration and elections before election day, but candidates holding public positions, this requirement does not apply, said Grishin.

At the same time, the law prohibits candidates holding public or elected municipal positions in government or municipal service, members of the governing bodies of the organizations (regardless of ownership), as well as candidates who are officials, journalists and other creative workers of mass media, to take advantage of their official position with the campaign.

The reaction of politicians

Representatives of the Russian political circles reacted to Putin’s decision to run for another term.

The extra-parliamentary party “Rodina” and the collaborating public organizations will support Putin in the elections, said party Chairman, MP single-seat candidates of the state Duma Alexey Zhuravlev. “On 27 December we will hold a party Congress, it will mark the fifth anniversary of the recovery of the party, of course, we will support Putin. It will be on the agenda, the Bureau took this decision,” he said.

The intention of the non-parliamentary party “Patriots of Russia” to vote for President Putin’s candidacy was announced by TASS Deputy Chairman of the party Nadezhda Korneyeva. According to her, the party and the event, which will address this issue is planned to be held in late December.

The party “Fair Russia” to support Putin in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation not to nominate a candidate, TASS said a member of the Presidium of the Central Council of party a just Russia, first Deputy head of its faction in the state Duma Mikhail Emelyanov: “We are discussing various options, as they say, all the proposals on the table. There is an option that will support Putin, perhaps without nominating a candidate. We are considering including this option.”

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who had already declared intention to participate in presidential elections in 2018, said the real candidates and the current President. “Today, of the real candidates only I, Putin”, – said Zhirinovsky TASS.

Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov called the nominate Vladimir Putin as candidate for presidential elections in 2018 anticipated event. “The fact that he moved, is to be expected, the last six months have held quite a professional election campaign. We assumed that he will be nominated,” said TASS Zyuganov.

One of the founders of the party “Yabloko” Grigory Yavlinsky, who intends to participate in presidential elections of the Russian Federation, has no plans to change his campaign in connection with Putin’s statement. “The nomination of Putin was expected. In this regard, I’m not going to change anything in his campaign,” said Yavlinsky TASS during a trip to Kazan.

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, have also committed to participate in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation, said at a meeting with supporters in Nizhni Novgorod, that no doubt the nomination of Putin for a new term. “Some doubt that will be different? Putin will be in six years, and while health will allow. I do not see any events, we all know that,” said Sobchak, the words listed on her campaign website.

Business Ombudsman Boris Titov announced his intention to participate in presidential elections, believes that Vladimir Putin is the absolute chance of winning the election. “It is clear that the support which is, Vladimir Putin – the chances are absolute. Our task is to make the state’s economic policy was more effective, and the election is a chance to influence her. The opposition need not only to win elections but also to show an alternative point of view, to influence the government”, – said Titov TASS.

According to the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, the inhabitants of the Russian regions should work together to adequately hold presidential elections in 2018 and to support Putin. “This is very important because we live in a difficult time. But it so happened that no one wants Russia to be strong, all want to she was obedient. The President also need strong support in this situation, and I think we should forget all your resentment, must hold presidential elections, because it’s trust is very important,” – said Minnikhanov.

Residents of the Republic of Crimea, which in 2018 will be the first time to participate in the election of the President of the Russian Federation, do not see the head of state no one but Putin, told reporters in Alushta the head of the region Sergey Aksenov. “The President [having Crimea into Russia after a referendum in March 2018] saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Crimean residents, has allowed us to avoid war. Crimeans another leader… today do not see” – said Aksenov. He also noted that in the Crimea “pointless” to talk about who to vote for locals. “It’s obvious: it supports 100% of the population “, – added Aksenov.

According to the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, Putin is the only man who is able to resist the attacks of the US and the West to Russia. “These words [of Putin] millions of people have been waiting a very long time. Differently could not be and was not, for our national leader Vladimir Putin is a politician able to further lead our country towards the development of economy and social sphere. Only he can counter the massive, shameless and unprecedented attack, a fierce organized by our friends from the USA and Western Europe,” – wrote Kadyrov in Instagram. He expressed confidence that “the people of Russia will have Vladimir Putin’s firm support”.

The Russian presidential election will be held on 18 March 2018. The election campaign will officially begin in the period from 7 to 17 December.