Lavrov and Tillerson discussed Syria, Ukraine, North Korea and the situation surrounding the media

MOSCOW, December 7. /TASS/. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at the meeting with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson discussed Syria, Ukraine, DPRK, and the situation around the Russian media and diplomats in the United States. The meeting was held on Thursday on the sidelines of the meeting of the Council of foreign Ministers of the OSCE in Vienna, said in Russian depodesta.

Syria and Ukraine

Lavrov and Tillerson reviewed the further steps on overcoming of the civil conflict in Syria through the establishment of “sustainable negotiation process with participation of all Syrian political forces, including within the framework of the Geneva process and format of the upcoming Sochi Congress of the national dialogue, while the completion of the defeat of international terrorist groups.”

“Lavrov drew attention that only the Syrians themselves are entitled to determine their own future, said the Ministry. – The sovereignty of Syria and its territorial integrity needs to be respected.”

Discussing the situation in the East of Ukraine, the Russian side said there is no alternative to the Minsk agreements of February 12, 2015. “Recalled the need for strict compliance with their provisions by the Kiev authorities”, – stressed in dipvedomstva.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula

During the meeting, the foreign Ministers of the Russian Federation and the United States shared the view that Pyongyang should strictly abide by the resolutions of the UN Security Council. “While Lavrov once again emphasized the inadmissibility of tension escalation, which leads to American military preparations in the Korean Peninsula and the aggressive rhetoric – said the Russian foreign Ministry. – Called for the resumption of responsible work to resolve the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula exclusively diplomatic methods.”

A new round of tensions around North Korea began the morning of 29 November, when Pyongyang made the first September 15 missile launch. According to news Agency KCNA, the missile of a new type “And 15” for 53 minutes of the flight climbed to an altitude of 4475 miles, and overcame a distance of 950 km, As reported in the Japanese defense Ministry, the missile fell 250 km from the Northern Prefecture of Aomori.

On 4 December, the air force of the Republic of Korea and the United States began the most ambitious in the history of joint exercises of aviation Vigilant Ace 18 on the Korean Peninsula. In response, the DPRK foreign Ministry issued a statement in which it strongly condemned the maneuvers of Seoul and Washington. In particular, Pyongyang said that the U.S. waged a campaign of demonization of the country is the prologue to the war, while North Korea only has the “legitimate and fair purpose, strengthening its nuclear deterrent”.

Pressure on the media and diplomats

Lavrov and Tillerson also addressed the issues of bilateral agenda, including the situation around the Russian media and diplomats in the United States. “Lavrov pointed to the inadmissibility of pressure on the Russian media and diplomats in the United States, including the attempted recruitment approaches by the us security services,” the Ministry said.

On the eve of the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the US intelligence services put pressure on Russian journalists, including trying to recruit. “In addition to legislative pressure, the authorities of this country [USA] are actively practicing a less formal, but, in their view, apparently, more effective methods, she said. – Recently, representatives of the Russian media, including in the United States, were subjected to hard pressure from the American intelligence services, namely the recruitment activities”.

On 29 November head of the Executive Committee of correspondents, radio and television in the U.S. Congress, Craig Kaplan said that the journalists of the TV channel RT lost their accreditation with the Congress. He stressed that this decision was made on 21 November for the unanimous vote in Committee “due to the fact that the Manager of an American branch of RT by T&R Productions, LLC (T&R) registered as a foreign agent in the United States.”