Putin: Russian army in the Donbass no, there are local groups to self-defense

MOSCOW, December 14. /TASS/. The Russian army in the Donbass no, but there are local form that can reflect military action. This was stated on Thursday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the big press conference.

“Regarding the tragedy that is happening there – we must always look at the source, – noted the head of state. – Source – this is a coup, an armed unconstitutional seizure of power. As you know, the part of the people of Ukraine disagreed, beginning to deal with – with the dissenters, despite the alleged desire of Ukraine into the fold of European civilization.” According to him, this was not done by democratic means and through the use of first intelligence and then the armed forces.

Putin reiterated that in the East of Ukraine no Russian army. “There really is created certain military police units that are self sufficient and ready to repel any large-scale military action against the Donbass, – said the President of the Russian Federation. – We believe that it is in the interests of those people who live in the area. Because if they have no such opportunity, massacres, and even worse than Srebrenica, there will be the so-called nationalist battalions.”

“They [Ukrainian nationalist battalions] will stop at nothing, including the treatment as I was advised by my Western colleagues, in the case of events of its kind in international human rights organizations, he said. – We are well aware of that.”

The President also added that Russia is not against to put under international control of the entire territory of Donbas, but that Kiev should negotiate with DND and LNR.

“Essentially, it boils down to, to put under international control of the territory, – said Putin. – We not against that, but it needs Kiev authorities to negotiate with yourself the Donbas. All such conflicts is nowhere in the world were solved only through intermediaries. They all were solved in the course of direct contacts between the conflicting parties. The Kiev authorities today, unfortunately, shy away from these direct contacts”.