The state Duma supported the bill on the protection of officials who report corruption

MOSCOW, December 13. /TASS/. The state Duma adopted at a meeting on Wednesday in the first reading of a government bill, which introduces measures of state protection of officials who informed their employers or prosecutors they have noticed corruption violations.

“Provides protection against infringement of rights and legal interests of persons who informed about corruption offense, within two years from the date of registration of the notice, and in the case of participation of the specified persons in criminal proceedings also measures of protection” applied in accordance with the law on the state defence, stated in the explanatory materials.

Provides for the confidentiality of information that the official said, the possibility of obtaining free legal aid, as well as protection from unlawful dismissal, disciplinary action, infringement of rights and legitimate interests.

“As the protection of the person who informed about corruption offenses, provided the legal provision of mandatory participation in the consideration of the prosecution of the specified persons of the Commission on observance of requirements to office behaviour and settlement of conflict of interests of public authorities, local governments and organizations or other collective bodies responsible for consideration of these issues,” – noted the authors of the bill. In the meeting of this collegiate body will be able to participate Prosecutor.

If earlier many people did not want to report corruption, as “afraid to lose reputation, to not consider their informers, afraid of losing office, work, today many are willing to do it, but they need specific protection mechanisms”, pointed out earlier, the Chairman of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Anatoly Election. In turn, the Deputy head of the Ministry of labor (where a bill had been drafted) Alexei Cherkasov reminded that the duty of civil servants to report corruption enshrined in the law “On combating corruption” in 2009, which mentioned the possibility of their protection, but legislative measures are not provided.

In 2015, the 7.5 thousand officials repeatedly reported to induce them to corruption offences, in 2016 – 8,5 thousand times. After testing for 25% of the messages prosecuted. The bill prescribes standards for the protection of officials, and this will affect not only civil servants but also employees, for example employees of schools.