Benefits for children, retirement age, abortion: the main Putin’s statements on social policy

Improvements in the areas of health and education, increasing the retirement age, the assessment of the implementation of the may decrees, to identify and support talented children were a key theme of social policy that were discussed during the annual big press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Family support for the benefit of demography

In the course of communication with journalists, Putin spoke about the recent initiatives to increase the fertility rate and support the institution of the family.

  • The introduction of monthly payments to young families in connection with the birth of the first child until they reach eighteen months.
    “The payment will be paid to families with incomes below time and a half of the subsistence minimum of able-bodied population, — said the President. What does that mean? In 2018 this means 10523 rubles in 2019 – 10836 rubles in 2020 – 11143 of the ruble.”
  • The extension of the program of the parent capital and increasing opportunities for its use. At birth in the family, subsequent children the state pays the maternity capital in the amount of RUB 453 026 It can be used for the improvement of living conditions, formation of a funded pension of the mother, social integration of children with disabilities and preschool education of the child. Putin explained that this is done in order to make as quickly as possible to go to work, without losing qualification.
  • The increase in the number of regions where secured payments for the third and subsequent child.
    “We have 50 regions of the Russian Federation subjects, where people get monthly payments for third and subsequent children up to three years, — Putin said. — We are increasing as a result of redistribution within the system of different standards from 50 to 60 the number of these regions.”
  • Interest rate subsidies on mortgage loans. “Today it what have we got? About ten percent, and anything over six percent will be subsidized by the state, the President said. According to our estimates, the coming years will cover 500 thousand Russian families”. Norm will be introduced from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2022. The timing of the subsidy in the birth of her second child three years with the loan, third to five years.
  • Program to create additional places in crèches for children from two months to three years. The aim of the initiative is that in 2018-2019 to provide one hundred percent accessibility of pre-school education. “Plans to create more than 326 thousand nursery places, too, as the goal is to support families with little income and to improve the demographic indicators”, — said Vladimir Putin.

Answering the question about the introduction of the abortion ban, Putin reminded that in the vast majority of countries the decision about abortion is taken by the woman. In the case of prohibition blossom clandestine abortions, which increase the mortality of potential mothers and jeopardize women’s health.

“Women go to have abortions abroad, apply enormous damage to women’s health. Dramatically increased mortality. We must proceed from the moral and ethical standards that have developed in society. Nothing can break through the knee”, — said the President.

May orders completed satisfactorily

At the beginning of conversation with journalists, Vladimir Putin noted that the attention of the authorities and society need to focus on several issues, including on the development of medicine, education and raising income levels.

These social areas of life were touched upon in the may decrees, the signing of which in 2012 began a third presidential term of Vladimir Putin.

The President praised the execution of the may decrees as satisfactory.

Also according to the President, the task of providing children with places in kindergartens in the may decrees made by 98%. “The number of children who are awaiting a place in the queue — 63 thousands. It was more than half a million, and now 63 thousand. I am sure that we will shortly close this question”, — he said.

The task of resettlement of dilapidated housing, which was also set in the may decrees, in all regions of Russia is made almost entirely, Putin said.

“You said about dilapidated housing. There [in the “may decrees”] the aim was to eliminate hazardous housing. It’s a little bit different category. With regard to emergency housing, in General, the task is almost solved. Another thing is that the old housing sometimes little different from the emergency,” – said Putin.

On 30 October, the President signed a law extending until January 1, 2019 year of work of Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services. Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Galina Karelova said the legislative extension of the mandate of the Foundation will have a positive impact primarily on the implementation of programs on resettlement of citizens from emergency housing in the regions.

The decision to increase the retirement age is still pending

As noted by the President for a final decision on raising the retirement age need careful calculations of possible effects, as well as open discussion.

The solution of the existing problems, the President sees an increase in health financing. According to him, next year the overall spending on medicine will increase to 4.1% of GDP (in 2016 is 3.8 of GDP).

To increase the availability of medical care in settlements with population from 100 to 2,000 Putin proposed to create a new medical hubs. “And in places where less than 100 people you need to create a mobile medical care”, — said the President.

Also when communicating with journalists there was a question about additional assistance to people with serious illnesses.

Darya Burlakova