Lavrov: relations between Russia and Britain are at a very low point not on the initiative of Moscow

MOSCOW, December 22. /TASS/. Russian-British relations are at a very low point not on the initiative of Moscow. This was stated on Friday, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov at the meeting with British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

“Our relations here there is no secret – are at a very low point, not our initiative, – said Lavrov. – I noticed that you and our other Western counterparts have their own views on the reasons for this situation and prefer those reasons to state publicly. We would like mutual concerns to discuss directly, not through the microphone and eye to eye”.

However, Lavrov said that Moscow and London need each other, but the relationship must be build on the basis of equality. “Despite the different positions on a number of issues we would like to cooperate and we are ready on the basis of equality, mutual respect and the desire to find mutually acceptable agreements, – said the head of the foreign Ministry. – So expect to have a Frank, direct conversation, and the main task of this conversation to see is to outline concrete steps to improve our relations.”

Lavrov expressed hope that the meeting with Johnson, it will set out the steps to improve relations between the two countries. “I hope that today we will be able to assess the situation in these relationships, including frozen a number of mechanisms of bilateral cooperation that have been created, – said the head of the Russian depodesta. – I am sure that today we will also be able to perform the positive trends in the relationship of trade-economic nature of our business, and quite successfully developing cultural and humanitarian ties.”