The party “Fair Russia” will support Putin’s candidacy in the upcoming elections

MOSCOW, December 24. /TASS/. The party “Fair Russia” will nominate its candidate for presidential elections and will support the candidacy of incumbent President Vladimir Putin. About it to journalists on Sunday said the leader spravorossov Sergey Mironov at a meeting of the Presidium of the Central Council of the party.

“The party “Fair Russia” on elections of the President of Russia of their candidate to put forward, we will support the candidacy of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin”, – said Mironov.

According to him, “the Bureau made a political decision, and this decision will be recommended to the Congress tomorrow”. “I have no doubt that the Congress will support,” – said the leader of the party.

Mironov added that there is little doubt Putin’s victory in the upcoming elections. “This candidate will win… if we know the result in advance, why should we coerce our candidate that he will be in the company of outsiders is known for a minuscule percent. We are a socialist party, but over the past six months three fundamental decisions of the President is directly policies of our party. He hears, we see a trend,” he said.

At the same time Mironov said that just Russia “was, is and will be in opposition to “United Russia”.

He added that a just Russia is planning to join the initiative group to nominate Putin in his election headquarters. “Support of the candidate of Vladimir Putin, will come to the headquarters and will work according to his election and, most importantly, in the formation of the future agenda,” – said Mironov.

He explained that “if Congress [a just Russia] will decide on the support of Putin, it turns out that two parliamentary parties of four will hold the current President”. “Of course, representatives of our party, I think, be included in the initiative group to nominate Putin] 26 th, and will be included in certain administrative structures, as we will be campaigning for our candidate… what it would be, I have no doubt,” – said the leader spravorossov.

Congress “Fair Russia”, where a decision will be made about the format of participation of party in presidential elections, held on January, 25th in Moscow.