Patrushev accused the U.S. of trying to implement the installation during the cold war

MOSCOW, December 26. /TASS/. The Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev believes that Washington hides behind the images of “aggressor countries” their expansionist installation during the cold war.

“In practice for imposed by Washington images of “aggressor countries” are the real economic interests and all the same, not changing decades, expansionist installation during the cold war,” he said in an interview with the newspaper “Arguments and facts”.

Secretary of the security Council noted that “in the new American Strategy for national security of Iran and the DPRK called rogue States, but Russia and China – revisionist authoritarian powers that challenge the US and seek to undermine their security.” Among the priorities of foreign policy of the United States, referred to in the document, Patrushev mentioned “the consolidation of peace by force” and “spreading American influence”.

He recalled that the US military budget for the year 2018, nearly $700 billion, including, he suggests the allocation of $4.6 billion to contain so-called “Russian aggression in Europe”. “Of this amount, $100 million – targeted aid to strengthen the defence of the Baltic States. $350 million permitted to be spent on military assistance to Ukraine, – said Patrushev. – In the history of XX century there are many examples of the horrible consequences of such injections from overseas”.

The myth of Russian aggression

He has called a “dangerous myth” in the West sounding accusations against Russia in the propensity to constant aggression and infringement of a foreign state. “Allegations that Russia has historically conditioned propensity for aggression and the infringement of the foreign state, is a dangerous myth which was invented to discredit our country,” said Secretary of the Russian security Council.

The Secretary of security Council has noticed that last year the authoritative magazine Foreign Affairs on the theme of Russian “aggression” special edition, which argued that the Russian Empire, USSR and modern Russia have common geopolitical priority – expansion. “Western public opinion to instill the idea that Russia is aggressive by definition, – said Patrushev. And, they say, no matter what friendly gesture did the Western countries, our country has always committed to expanding the spheres of influence, hurting and even destroying someone else’s statehood”.

“Of course, we are dealing here with a cynical falsification of history, – he said. – In fact, it is well known that a number of States have not only preserved, but also gained their statehood with the support of Russia”. As examples, he cited Finland, Switzerland, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania. “These countries have helped Russia to gain statehood not only at the cost of diplomatic efforts, but also the blood of their soldiers,” – said Patrushev. He noted that Russia did not join in the Union with great Britain, who tried to “strangle the young American government,” in 1780. “We are all witnesses of the fact that within two years Russia defended the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, – said the Secretary of the security Council. – With the support of videoconferencing, the Syrian army inflicted a crushing blow to the terrorists, Syria has preserved as a sovereign independent state”.

Patrushev said that the U.S. continues to break agreements that were previously concluded with other countries. “Today, the steps of the us administration in the international arena more than ever puzzling,” he said.

“For anybody not a secret that nuclear missile issue of the DPRK, in fact, is used as an excuse to continue the militarization of the Asia-Pacific region in the interests of containing Russia and China, he said. Washington consistently implements its plans in the countries of the region elements of its global missile defense system”. “Therefore, we cannot exclude that the aggravation of the situation around North Korea is largely due to the politics of the United States”, – concluded the Secretary of the security Council.

“The U.S. is not accustomed to reckon with the lives of citizens of other States to achieve their goals, he stated. – But Washington, of course, can not fail to take into account the fact that South Korea is home to 250 thousand Americans.” “In the case of large-scale hostilities on the Korean Peninsula will kill tens of thousands of U.S. citizens – said the Secretary of the security Council. – And such losses on the language of the military of all countries are called inadmissible.” He noticed that the positions of the missiles with tactical missiles, tube artillery and rocket launchers of the DPRK are “at a distance of some 50 km from Seoul.”

Patrushev stressed that the United States accepts more aggressively provocative remarks against the DPRK leadership, the entire North Korean people, carried out an extraordinary large-scale joint with South Korea of doctrines of air force and Navy. “North Korea responds to new launches of ballistic missiles and also did not skimp on harsh statements, he said. This vicious circle must be broken only through political and diplomatic means”.

According to him, that is why Russia together with China proposed a “road map” to settle the nuclear problem of the Korean Peninsula, the first stage of which involves the introduction of a moratorium on missile and nuclear tests from Pyongyang, with a simultaneous reduction or termination of us military exercises on the Peninsula.