Putin’s support people that I trust the Russians

MOSCOW, December 26. /TASS/. The meeting of initiative group of voters have decided to support the nomination of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections that will be held on 18 March 2018. Under the law, to support self-candidate, you need to create a group of voters in number of not less than 500 citizens of the Russian Federation. In the meeting held on Tuesday in the historical Park “Russia – my story” at ENEA, attended by 668 people.

After the meeting of the group of candidate not later than January 7 will have to personally apply to the Central election Commission with a petition for registration of group and a number of other documents.

No empty praises

The head of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” Boris Gryzlov considers that, based on the current international situation, Putin’s decision to go on elections as the independent candidate will bring to the election campaign of his supporters from other parties and are usually which greatly differs from policy, citizens, and all thinking about the future of the country of the Russians. The “United Russia” will try “to play the role of coordinator of the work of the group and to ensure the coherence, effectiveness and efficiency that meets the goals of the majority party,” he assured, adding that the party important victory, achieved by popular vote in the choice for the future of the country, not just to win elections.

According to the Deputy of the state Duma, Deputy Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Zheleznyak included in the initiative group, the world community Putin’s decision to participate in the presidential elections allows to count on preservation of strategic foreign policy course of the Russian Federation.

A member of the initiative group, the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma of Adalbi Shhagoshev noted that the band “don’t sing empty praises of Putin”. “Putin honestly and worked hard on his authority, before the authority began to work for him. He boldly and carefully collected the scattered country, collected and ready for her to answer,” he said.

Among other prominent Russians in the group also included the head of the party “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov, co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the popular front, the Vice-speaker, Olga Timofeeva, head of the Executive Committee of the popular front Alexey Anisimov, member of the Central headquarters of the popular front, a state Duma Deputy Anton Guetta.

Masters of culture – President

Not remained aloof from the political process and cultural figures. The group included many Russian celebrities, including the rector of the Academy of Russian ballet. A. Y. Vaganova Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Director Vladimir Hotinenko, the artistic Directors of Small and provincial theatres of Moscow Yury Solomin Sergey Bezrukov, actor Mikhail Boyarsky, singer Polina Gagarina, producer Iosif Prigozhin, fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin, Director of the Museum of the victory of Alexander the Student.

“This is a President who is interested in cultural issues, the problems that it faces,” – said General Director of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia Vladimir urin, noting that Putin “when he sees a real problem, makes the decisions, gives possible solutions.”

Authority in the country and the world considers important characteristics of the future head of Russian composer and producer Igor Krutoy. With the current President a musician is the connection between “the success of our country, respect for our country, and prospects”. Agreed with him the soloist of group “lube” Nikolay Rastorguev, who in an interview with TASS explained that he had come to support the nomination of “strong, intelligent, having the highest authority of the leader” of the country. “The best candidate” for President Putin called the General Director “Mosfilm” Karen Shakhnazarov.

People’s artist of Russia, pianist Denis Matsuev said that the current head of state helped to preserve our country’s Symphony orchestras and actively supports musical youth.

The most original was the motive of the Director of the State Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky to support the nomination of Putin. “I hope to have the first face was the man from St. Petersburg, is for the salvation of Russia”, – he said, Recalling that he was a confidant of Putin in all elections.

Long supported the country’s leader and President of the International Union of KVN Alexander Maslyakov, who considers Putin a man intelligent and well-read and appreciates his sense of humor.

Their support for the nomination of Vladimir Putin also expressed people’s artist of Russia Igor Butman, music producer Igor Matvienko, actors Mikhail Galustyan, Igor Kharlamov and many others.

Athletes and activists

Support Vladimir Putin, the Russian sportsmen and representatives of public organizations.

So, fencer Sofya recalled the Great role of the President in the development of sport. “How he picked up the sport, how much he cares about athletes and the future of the sport. Currently youth sports organization created for youth development for our youth was the best,” she said.

The leader of the “Victory Volunteers” Olga Emelchenkova remembered how he participated with Putin in the March of “Immortal regiment”. “It was obvious that the President feels the President empathizes, it was an incredible atmosphere and I am glad that we together with the President will open a new history in the history of our country,” she said.

In the meeting of the initiative group adopted including by the head of the educational center “Sirius” Elena Shmeleva, four-time world champion in mixed martial arts Fedor Emelianenko, a fighter, Olympic champion Alexander Karelin, a professional boxer, state Duma Deputy Nikolai Valuev.


As the correspondent of TASS reported the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin, whose nomination as a candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation supported the meeting of the initiative group, will present to the CEC necessary documents in a timely manner. “Putin will present the documents in a timely manner,” Peskov said, without specifying dates. However, earlier he did not rule out that the documents for the nomination of Putin submits to the CEC before the New year.

The scale of support is impressive

Included in the initiative group of voters on nomination of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, candidate for the presidential elections – a landmark and well-established people with respect and trust in the society, according to experts interviewed by TASS.

According to political scientist Andrei Kolyadina, the people included in the initiative group interested in the fact that the country was developing “sustained that it was not a serious disruption.” “We need to go beyond the steps, building our country, making it better,” he added.

The head of the Agency for political and economic communications Dmitry Orlov noted that included in the initiative group – “it is well-known, trustworthy, in different spheres of successful people.” “They represent different organizations or environments that are important for Vladimir Putin. The popular front is, the volunteers, workers of culture and art, education, science, and the conservative media” – said the expert.

According to political consultant Catherine Kurbangalieva, all surveys “for many years show that Vladimir Putin is a huge base of support”. “Here [in the initiative group of support for Putin] are almost all demographic groups, the largest professional groups and social strata, those who held and those who are yet” she said.

According to the expert, “it is easier to list who have not joined the initiative group”. “Beyond the borders remained consistent advocates of the system of political parties based on their leaders, and, if I may say so, the party-political edge – radicals and inesistenti,” added Kurbangaleev.

Putin’s Decision

The decision to advance a candidate to the elections, Putin announced on December 6 at a meeting with employees of the plant GAZ in Nizhny Novgorod. During a press conference on 14 December he said that he will run a self. The head of state stressed that he counts on support from political parties, public organizations that share his views on the country’s development, and trust him.