The final meeting of the State Council. Video

Russian President Vladimir Putin holds final meeting of the State Council devoted to measures to improve the investment attractiveness of the regions. The keynote report delivered by the head of the working group of the state Council, Governor of the Novgorod region Andrey Nikitin.

In the preparation of the state Council “discussed measures to promote the advantages and limitations of investment activity, both at the regional and Federal levels, including the standardization and improvement of services for cadastral accounting and registration, obtaining construction permits, connecting to electricity networks and other networks”, it was reported on the Kremlin website. Also, attention was paid to “a responsible budgetary policy of regions”, including the execution of agreements with the Ministry of Finance on loans from the Federal budget to partially cover its own deficit in order to pay off debts.

State Council – a consultative body that assists the President on issues of ensuring the coordinated functioning and interaction of public authorities. Chairman of the State Council is the President of Russia. Members of the State Council are the chairmen of the Federation Council and state Duma, Plenipotentiary of the President in Federal districts, heads of regions, heads of factions in the state Duma.