Putin finishes the year with a finished program and updated the governors

Russian President Vladimir Putin completes the 2017 a candidate for the highest office. Although the official status has not yet been registered, but a statement of intent to participate in the elections Putin did, so for him the summing up of 2017 coincides with the analysis of the results of the last presidential “five year plan” – since in 2012 he a third time took up this post.

It is obvious that the presidential election on March 18, 2018 will be a key event in the political calendar of the country. The desire to participate in them, in addition to Putin, has announced more than 50 representatives of different parties or independent candidates. All they have to publish the election program.The main directions of Putin’s policies already known to the voters. At least until may, when there will be the inauguration of a new President, we can anticipate continued systematic work on key areas that were mentioned by Putin this year.

Course on stability and updating

The installation for the future Putin asked at the Congress of “United Russia” in December. “There is a lot of important, important, not urgent Affairs, and all that has been done, is only the Foundation, but not a guarantee of successful development, he said. – What will be the future, depends on our ability to ensure the irreversibility of the changes is to preserve and enhance what has already been achieved in recent years”. At the same time Putin called for fair to identify unresolved issues, not trying shamefully avert their eyes, and their decision to go a shortcut, eliminating all that prevents to achieve the goal.

One of the attributes of working with governors in the past year was the green folder – a compilation of complaints from the population of a region, addressed to the heads of state in preparation for the “Straight line”. She has appeared as a meeting with the current regional leaders, who were preparing to go on the upcoming elections, and during conversations with new candidates, of which Putin was appointed acting Governor. How dare you specified in the folder of the problem, the President gives an assessment of the heads of the regions.

The first wave of rotation took place at the beginning of the year. The heads of the seven regions (Ryazan, Novgorod regions and Karelia, Buryatia, Perm region, Udmurtia and Mari El), for the most part, the old-timers, was replaced by young officials and politicians. In particular, Andrey Nikitin from ASI, which was headed by Novgorod oblast, co-Chairman of the popular front Alexander Brechalov, who came to Udmurtia Maxim Reshetnikov, who before becoming Governor of the Perm region, was the head of the Department of economic policy and development of Moscow.

The second wave of rearrangements took place in autumn and touched Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Ivanovo, Omsk, Orel, Novosibirsk and Pskov oblasts, Krasnoyarsk and Primorsky regions, Nenets Autonomous district and the Republic of Dagestan. Here priority was also given a new type of leader. So, NAO went to Alexander Cybulski from the Ministry of economic development, in Ivanovo oblast – Stanislav Voskresenskiy from the same Ministry in the Nizhny Novgorod region Deputy Minister of industry and trade Gleb Nikitin. Exactly Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Putin chose to announce his intention to run for President. It happened at the celebration of the 85th anniversary of the GAZ plant.

The third wave of rotation occurred at the end of the year. The Governor of the Voronezh region Alexey Gordeev went to work in the Embassy CFA, his predecessor as presidential envoy Alexander Beglov has changed the County and moved to work in the northwestern Federal district, the Plenipotentiary in the North-West Nikolay Tsukanov was a new, eleventh assistant to the President of Russia on questions of local government. The very appearance of assistant to the President responsible for this level of power, says the increased attention of the Kremlin to the matters of municipalities. According to Putin himself, it is at the local level, people interact with government in the first place: the municipal medical and educational institutions, and housing, etc.

The program for the future

During a press conference on 14 December, Putin announced that his electoral program is almost ready and will be issued shortly. Work on the main directions of development of the country was carried out most of the year, since in may their suggestions on this account the head of state presented the government, as well as experts of the Center for strategic research and “Stolypin club”.

We can assume that apart from the already mentioned focus on local government and the effectiveness of the governors the main emphasis in the election program of the President will be placed on the development of infrastructure, health, education, digital technologies and the increase of incomes of Russians. “I have said many times about what I would like to see Russia, – said the Putin. – I will say again: it must be directed in the future, it needs to be very modern, the political system needs to be flexible, the economy must be built on high technology, productivity should significantly increase.”

In addition, at the same party Congress, Putin said about the need to improve the quality of healthcare, reduce poverty levels, to get back to solving the problem of output on the rate of economic growth above the world, for which you need to focus on infrastructure development. According to him, the main task for business – access to global markets and the development of brand new industries. The state Putin has promised to support and further the work on liberalization of the legislation.

This year Putin has not made a presidential address to the Federal Assembly. It is obvious that their vision of further development of Russia the head of state will present in the next year and most likely it will happen before the March elections.

The objectives of the government

Summing up the year, Putin gave a high assessment to the work of the Cabinet of Ministers, not only over the last 12 months, but for all five years of work in this composition. He recalled the difficulties in the world economy, the fall in prices for traditional Russian exports, sanctions. “But the government has done not only everything, but, in my opinion, and what’s more: in fact, you have solved all facing the economy of the country”, – said the head of state at a meeting with the Cabinet.

In may 2018 the Russian President, who will choose the March elections, to form a new government. As for other candidates for the presidency, the majority of them have not yet submitted their plans for future governments. Putin made it clear that the current Cabinet suits him. “If such a style of work which has developed over the last few years, will be saved, then we have every reason to believe that the challenges facing the country will be solved and will be solved in not less but even more efficient than it was until now,” said he.

Relying on the updated governors, the President gets a good opportunity to make 2018 a year of big cases.

Anastasia Savinykh