The Russian Embassy in the United States: obstacles to the visit of the delegation of the Congress in Russia was not created

WASHINGTON, December 30. /TASS/. The Russian side does not obstruct the visit of the congressional delegation to Russia, visas were issued to everyone except Senator Jeanne Shaheen. This is stated in a statement on Friday the statement of the Russian Embassy in Washington.

“Attempts to present the situation as if the visit was cancelled because the Russian side, are completely biased and false”, – reads the statement of the Embassy. It is noted that all senators and their assistants received a visa, with the exception of a member of the upper house of Congress, Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, who is in the Russian sanctions list, “composed as a response to” anti-Russian U.S. sanctions.

“In fact, we suggested various ways of resolving this situation, including the conclusion of agreements on the issuance of visas legislators from the black list on a reciprocal basis. Unfortunately, this proposal was rejected by the American side,” – added in the Embassy.

It also noted that the authorities of the Russian Federation in favor of the restoration of inter-parliamentary dialogue with the United States, these contacts were suspended by the American side.

The Russian side proposed ways to resolve this situation, including the mutual exclusion of names from the black lists of both countries, but the United States refused to do so.

“Speaking in a broader sense – we didn’t create this situation. We have repeatedly offered to Washington to renounce the use of sanctions as detrimental to the method of conducting foreign policy. A tooth for a tooth”, – summed up in the Embassy.

Earlier, the us newspaper Politico reported that Republican senators Ron Johnson and John Barrasso canceled his trip to Russia after Sahin was denied a visa. Politicians planned to meet with Russian officials and civil society representatives. Shaheen previously strongly supported sanctions against Moscow, as well as the inclusion of RT as compiled by the U.S. justice Department list of foreign agents.