Zhirinovsky became the first registered candidate

MOSCOW, December 29. /TASS/. The Central election Commission of Russia at session on Friday has registered the Chairman of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky as a presidential candidate.

The leader of the liberal Democrats became the first of the contenders for the presidency who passed the registration procedure.

Also, the CEC registered members of the Commission with deliberative vote, who will represent the interests of Zhirinovsky in the course of the campaign. They became Igor Xerocomus.

Deputy Chairman of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev handed Zhirinovsky a certificate of the candidate, signed by the Minister Ella Pamfilova. “This is an extraordinary event in the life of the country and in your life,” he said, adding that according to his observations, the LDPR leader today “humanly thinly to be worried”.

Zhirinovsky noted that registration in the election – a solemn moment in the life of any candidate. “It is the pride for any man to have the right to participate in elections and to have the opportunity to be elected to the hall, with the presentation of this identity begins the ascent to the Olympus. Not all athletes become Olympic Champions, but millions of athletes dream”, – he stressed.

The complaint of the leader of LDPR

Zhirinovsky drew the attention of the CEC that some media ahead of time started a campaign in support of a number of candidates. “My only request is that maybe the CEC staff can affect. Still, it is undesirable that some media have waged a propaganda in favor of any candidate or against”, – said Zhirinovsky, noting that the media campaign begins 28 days before election – 17 Feb.

He said that does not mean agitation “in favor of the incumbent”. “This is about promoting other candidates,” – said the leader of LDPR. “Maybe CEC will look more closely to stop them. Watching us not only our voters, but also the whole world, then we are not blamed, that someone was not created entirely equal conditions,” – said Zhirinovsky.

He also praised the current composition of the Central election Commission, working under the leadership of Ella Pamfilova. “It is the present structure on the high meets the needs of our constituents, we are pleased that the second year of operation with the Commission are satisfied”, – said the politician.

The Nomination Of Zhirinovsky

Zhirinovsky was nominated for Congress of the liberal democratic party on December 20 and December 21, filed documents to the CEC. Already on 22 December, the Commission registered the authorized party and the authorized candidate on financial issues and was given permission to open a special election account for formation of election Fund.

Zhirinovsky earlier than the others – 27 December – has handed over documents for registration: first financial report, notification of absence of foreign financial assets and photography. So a quick registration is only possible for candidates from parliamentary parties who do not need to collect signatures of voters in its support. In this election, these two candidates: Zhirinovsky and the Director of “Sovkhoz imeni Lenina” Pavel Grudinin, nominated by the Communist party.

Candidates from non-parliamentary parties need to collect 100 thousand signatures, while independent candidates, among them incumbent President Vladimir Putin, – 300 thousand

Zhirinovsky nominated for the presidential elections for the sixth time. He not only took part in the presidential campaign in 2004, when the party ran for state Duma Deputy Oleg Malyshkin. The greatest result of the leader of LDPR on elections of the head of the Russian state was in 2008, when he took third place, gaining more than 9% of the vote.

Presidential elections will be held on 18 March 2018.